Sunday, January 9, 2011

Operation: Phoenix

The phoenix is a mythical bird of fire that is said to consume itself in its own flames, turning back into an egg amongst the ashes and becoming reborn anew. As such, the phoenix is a symbol of rebirth.

One of my New Year's resolutions is to undergo a personal kind of "rebirth," as it were. My attempts in the past have often only meet with lukewarm successes, at best. This time, I shall stick to a more short-term but more intense schedule. Specific aspects of this include:

1. Sleep (aka, be in bed) by 12:30am every week night
2. Wake up by 8:00am every week day
3. Do the P90X (specifically the "P90X lean" program) every morning before breakfast
4. Be more cognizant of my diet

Operation: Phoenix clearly focuses on diet and exercise. With so much going on this semester, I need to focus on getting myself in order first. The theme of the semester is routine. And since I just schedule my USMLE Step 1 board exam (eep!), that's going to be the other monster I need to handle.

I've heard great things about P90X (as long as one sticks to it), so I hope it works for me as it has so many others who've stuck to the program! I'm aiming for a bare minimum of 60 of the 90 days of the program. That'll be right before Spring Break for me (not that I'm going anywhere where I can show off my hopefully "new" body anyhow, alas). Also, the link above for "before breakfast" is to an article on the benefits of exercising before breakfast. It's actually doubly nice since by working out first thing in the morning I: 1.) can't avoid it easily, and 2.) get it out of the way.

With some luck, I may get a body similar to the ones below (I don't remember where I found the following pics):

And so, let Operation: Phoenix begin!!


RJ said...

goodluck with that! :) maybe i should start my own too.haha

Anonymous said...


Bully! Bully for you!

Phunk Factor said...

When are you giving ut Step 1?

Just curious!

Ron said...

oh gosh. the most exercise i've gotten for the past month is like, a total of maybe 5 hours of jogging lol

Biki said...

That's so funny that you posted this tonight, as today was the first day of my workout! Its in the air to exercise.

And those fellas you posted the pics of? Woof!

Anonymous said...

Eh, what's this? Aek is posting pictures of cute boys? ^_^

. said...

Sorry to be missing in writings lately...I am catching up. Pictures yes pictures coming soon.

Earl Grey said...

awesome man!
good luck w/ that!
let me know how you're doing on it/if u need encouragement

Aek said...

RJ: Thanks!

Phunk Factor: I'm giving myself about 5 weeks from the end of classes until when I take Step 1.

Earl Grey: It's actually coming along pretty well. The diet, not so much; though my diet isn't bad, it's also far from "ideal" according to the program. :-/

letopho said...

My friend's P90X Blog: