Sunday, January 2, 2011

Re-Introduction: The Masks We Wear

Many of you have followed this blog for some time since its inception 4 years ago. Some of you may be new followers or just stumbled across this. I've witnessed the rise and fall of many blogs, and somehow mine endures and survives the tests of blog-time. Though lot has happened in these last few years, this blog's purpose is still unfulfilled; thus, it endures. And so, a re-introduction to The Masks We Wear.

I'm Aek (my pen-name here), an Asian-American born and raised in the Midwest USA (and still slowly clawing my way out of this frozen north). I'm 24-years-old, and that makes me old enough to have friends getting married and to have witnessed the deaths of a few friends and acquaintances. Life is a stubborn yet tenuous thing. And I feel older than I should be.

Over these last few years I've worn or displayed one of several of my masks, each tailored for a specific situation or to reflect/hide a different aspect of me. And through these years, I've slowly witnessed several of my masks consolidate or else become supplanted by my Mask of Medicine (accursed med school!).

Where I've been, how far I've gone, how far I've yet to go, you're all welcome to read - to join and follow along as I begin to take off some of these masks. But you see, there are some masks that lie underneath my outermost masks. Will you see more than my eyes this year? I wonder.


Biki said...

To some degree, I think we are all wearing a mask. Often that mask allows us to make it through our lives intact. Society often forces us to wear a mask to more or less fit in. I call it the mask of normal.

The man behind all the masks of Aek, is an awesome person. What ever mask you wear cant cover up what a special person you are.

Ron said...

both u and i know that i know almost EVERYTHING ABOUT YOUUUUUUUUUUU *creep music cue begins here*

- Ron

B. said...

I love your way of writing, so full of emotions :) Keep blogging, my friend

Aek said...

Ron: Do you, Ron, do you?! I doubt it. :-P Though, you probably know more about me than many . . .

B.: Aww, thanks. :-)