Sunday, April 17, 2011

Will This Work?

So if you recall from like a year ago, things with Jay didn't work. In retrospect, that was probably for the best.

And while I met Drew a couple weeks ago, it looks like things won't work out with him either. Apparently he had gotten back together with his ex-bf - the same guy who brings him such great highs and such great lows (it's a rather bipolar relationship). Things were rocky and last week they've broken up, again. And within the last week, he's been dating this guy he seems to really like. They go to the same undergrad, so it's much easier for them to meet up than, say, with me. Oh well, I saw this coming. I'm not disappointed, per se, I'm happy for him. But man, I still can't quite get over him (which is odd, since we never really got it on to begin with). I think he's one of those people who can connect with almost anyone really easily.
At the same time, a new guy started messaging me online a couple weeks ago. I'll call him Mel. He seems like a nice guy. Anywho, a few days ago we actually met up for a "date." I say "date" because he considered it a date, but it didn't quite feel like one to me (not that I'd really know).

While he goes to school about 45 minutes away, he had to stop by my area because there's an art store near here that he needed to get supplies from (he's a graphic design and animation student). So we met at a Barnes & Noble at the mall near me. He was wearing a black fedora and a black trench coat; eh, must not judge (but really, a trench coat?). We walked around the mall a bit, making small chat. He seemed nervous and shy. He had this habit of talking in small quick bursts in a low tone, kind of how my youngest brother talks sometimes.

After a few minutes, we went to a sushi place not too far away. It was pretty good, it had been a while since I'd had sushi. The place was pretty empty since it was still a bit early for dinner. We chatted some more. I felt like I had to initiate a few times and be more upbeat, because he seemed somewhat monotone. Once we finished, we went back to the mall to mill about for a bit before saying goodbye.

I don't know. I just didn't feel like we really connected. I mean, we could be good friends but I'm not sure if it'll go any further. There was an odd disconnect in person that I didn't quite feel when chatting online.
What am I looking for in a person? What am I looking for in myself? Will this work?

I suppose I have more important things to attend to; that is, working out (I've been pretty slack on P90X and it's showing, ugh) and studying for finals and my Step 1 exam in June (I'm less than 60 days away, eep!!). Tick tick tick . . .


Mike said...

Getting out and meeting people is good ;-) It is all trial and error, testing, figuring out who you are compatible/what you want.

Biki said...

Could it be that Mel is just very shy? I have found that artists are rather like programers, many of them are shy, socially awkward, and nervous in new environments. The black trench coat, well that could be his "armor", no really. Very shy people, especially guys tend to wear an outerwear garment as protective gear. My shy son, wore a jacket winter and summer, and I knew when he was feeling comfortable with his surroundings when he would take it off.

So, either give him a few more in person meetings to see who he really is, or just keep him close as a good friend, cause we really cant have to many of them, right?

Anonymous said...

Sometimes the shy introverts make good friends because they don't engage in social climbing behavior.

The irony here is that for a shy person feeling observed, judged, or out of place decides to wear a trench coat and hat in the Spring time. Good way to attract unwanted attention, uh?

Aaron said...

things sounded so promising between you and Drew! :(

Aek said...

Mike: Yeah, that's true. If only I had more time (and motivation) to go out there and meet more people, lol.

Aaron: I know. :-( Such is my life.