Friday, April 29, 2011

You're Better Than Me

About a week ago, I had the following conversation with Michelle on gchat (slightly edited):

Michelle: Hey, I try to be open. But when I'm not good enough to talk to someone . . . I get really irritated.
Me: Awww. I never got that sense from her. Maybe I'm just oblivious, idk.
Michelle: No, you fit into a different class of people than me. This is most certainly not the first person I've experienced this response from in our class.
Me: Lol, what do you mean by that?
Michelle: You're better than me. I'm overweight, and I don't look like I have money . . . so I get relegated to a lower class. Plus a myriad of other factors. But I'm judged on the first two sooooo quickly.
Me: How am I better than you? And how do I not meet those criteria too?
Michelle: You're more peppy than me. More positive. People like you. I don't know anyone who doesn't like you.

I was rather taken aback by her statement. While it's true that I don't know of anyone who overtly dislikes me, I'm not exactly best buds and close friends with most people in our class either. I tend to hover outside near the fringes of most social circles. It's a rather weird place to be, tbh.

Maybe I am peppy, though I don't really feel it. I try to be positive, but sometimes that's difficult. In any case, I certainly feel no better than anyone else (and very much the opposite compared to some people I know). If only personality is everything, hehe.

1. I got an iPod Touch a few days ago. We need one for use in the hospitals and clinics (apparently). I had the option of getting an iPad but I turned it down. Before you shriek, here's why: it's bigger and less practical to carry around in the hospitals. True, it fits in my white coat, but it's just this big bulky thing that I don't want to have on me at all times (and we'd be required to use it and have it with us at more or less all times). So yeah, I've been fiddling around with this iPod for the past few days. I resisted for a while before getting the Grindr app. I still don't see what the big deal is about it . . . Anyway, any "must get" apps?

2. Landyn's back (sorta)! Go read his update on his blog, Stuck In The Middle.


Manu said...

you are a good guy :)

Mike said...

I can't believe you turned down an iPad. I don't know if I can talk to you. ... just kidding... I can!

Yelp, Beejive, Kindle, Pandora, iHeart Radio, and Words with Friends are some of my favorites

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the good side of the Force.

On another note, if it'll make you feel better I can dislike you for a while. Maybe a little exclusion? Try to ruin some of that pep? :P

Biki said...

I can't see why anyone wouldn't like you. You are a great guy, really.

As for apps? pingchat, piyo blocks2, gem spinner,edge, spider and of course my all time favorite hipstamatic. While I have an ipad, I can see how carrying one around day after day would become a burden the itouch is better choice for your needs.

Aek said...

Manu: Aww, thanks. :-)

Mike: Yes, I turned down an iPad. I don't "need" it and also, it's more of a hassle to carry around an iPad as opposed to an iPod Touch. Plus, I can't go running with an iPad.

James: Lol! Whatever.

Biki: Thanks for the app idea stuff!

the.island.guy said...

Awe, I really enjoyed reading this post. Keep up the positive attitude!
Where's the follow button? LOL

xlpharmacy said...

This is something that always happens to me, I mean when I talking to my best friend I never can get agree with her.