Friday, July 15, 2011

A Good Day

It's been a good day.

1. I finally had an adult patient with a "fix-able" disease. He had pseudogout, which is readily cured with medication. I called the rheum consult and happened to be there when they came by to examine the patient. So I went in with them to see what I could learn. I had forgotten how much I liked rheumatology, haha.

2. I was able to answer most of my attending's questions without sounding/feeling stupid. This feels like an achievement for me because sometimes I feel like no matter how much I read, I fail to recall what the attending determines to be the most salient points. But today I was prepared (or at least phrased my answer in an acceptable way if I didn't exactly know the answer).

3. My attending gave me feedback on my performance. She told me how proud she was of my progress from day 1 to today. I went from an unsure and kind of shell-shocked student to someone who's confident and proactive in taking responsibility in my patient care. And I do feel like a different person since day 1 last week (I almost can't believe I've been doing this for 2 weeks already!). I chose the hospitalist service precisely because I knew my attending would throw me into the fray and force me to be an independent learner without training wheels, and I got what I wanted.

4. As such, my attending offered to write me a letter of recommendation for residency later! She told me how she's written LORs and how she's called residency programs to give her former students an extra edge. Now, when an attending offers to write a LOR, that means that the attending truly regarded you highly. I hope I can continue this momentum with future attendings on rotations down the road.

5. I met the city's oldest woman cop/detective! She quickly became my favorite patient (though she wasn't technically my patient). She was great to talk to. :-)
Yesterday I hung out with Drew a bit. I picked him up from his house and we went to a coffee shop. We sat down and chatted and people-watched. He kept pointing out all the cute guys and guessing which were likely gay. Btw, I still don't get what people see in asses/what they notice about it; it's simply a body part that I rarely pay attention to. Someone enlighten me?

Anyway we had some good convo. He told me about this guy he likes and likes him back, but they both agreed that neither were in any position to date the other. I suppose that keeps the window open for me a bit, but Drew alluded to the fact that he just got comfortable being single again and would like to stay that way for a bit longer. I'll respect that . . . and also I couldn't get the right words I had wanted to say out of my mouth, lol. And I still couldn't get a feel if I even have a shot. Fail.

I did, however, manage to get him to take his shirt off in front of me. But I assure you it's for a legit reason. He had this rather nasty cough on and off as well as some sinus issues. I just so happened (unplanned, I assure you) to have my white coat and stethoscope in the back seat of my car. So he humored me in allowing me to listen to his lungs and heart. His heart sounded good but his upper lungs did sound a bit congested to me.

All in all, it's always great to hang out with him when we manage to align our schedules.


Biki said...

What a good day at the hospital. You should feel very good about yourself that your attending wants to write you a LOR.

You cant tell some one what makes a certain body part sexy, either ya like that part or not. But yeah, I love a nicely shaped ass.....

I'm thinking that at some point, sooner than later, you need to tell Drew that you would be interested in dating him. Tell him you know he's not ready to date yet, but when he is, you'd like to go out with him. Since you dont dance, nor drink really, be ready with an idea of what to do, where to go. Give this some thought in advance of telling him. Why? I just think being ready with a nify place would be a good thing.

Anonymous said...

It might be malpractice if you don't screen Drew for testicular cancer.

Steve said...

Ah, such a good list of things! My hat is forever off to those training in medicine, such a tough time but I hope the reward is worth all the sweat.

RE: Drew, what 'type' of guys is he into? Was there any sort of pattern, or does he just like most guys/nice asses? I only ask because I'm curious to know if you share some of the atributes that he's into in other guys, since that might tell you something about what he's thinking about you.

Otherwise, I dunno, sitting around scoping other guys is sort of a turn off for me...

And what was his body like under that shirt, hmm? :p

. said...

Hey Aek, congrats...I'm very proud of you especially after reading that your attending wants to write you a LOR. I'm with some about some pictures of the upper body flesh of Drew...quick snap us a picture...and I can understand seeing a cute guy and making a comment but that's just as lewd as straight men...and I work with a few that have no problems verbally expressing how much they lust after a particular babe...good luck with Drew...might talk to him about dating at some point in the future...I'm not sure if he'd be someone that you could settle down with given his behavior. But I also can see why it's good for someone to be who they are not who you want them to be.

. said...

"Are you just living out of a motel while you're training in DC for a few months? . . . o_O"--I am Aek...staying in a motel while I go to work five days a week. It has a small I can cook some...but not a lot of room for two people. You traveling this way any time soon? :)

Ron said...

you seem to be progressing much faster on the wards than i have.

and the attendings you get seem to be really keen on teaching. i've only had a few consultants which sounded just as keen.

and congrats on being offered an LOR.

I think part of it is the fact that I'm an international student and they think I won't stay after graduation.

Stigma, stigma.

fan of casey said...

What an advantage you have over the rest of us. You can play "doctor" with guys as cover for checking them out. As an accountant, the best I can do is get them to show me their accounting books, maybe bank statements. :-)

Aek said...

Biki: Yeah . . . I should tell him. I'll have to wait for our schedules to align again, whenever that'll be.

Anonymous: Lol. I haven't had to do one of those yet. :-P

Steve: Thanks. :-) I already told you your answers in that email you sent me. ;-)

.: I have no pics to post of Drew, haha. He's more or less looking for what I am, but I just don't know if we'll cross paths that way. We'll see . . .

Ron: Awww. Yeah, my attendings do try to get as much teaching in as they can. But they do get super-busy from time to time. The more I help them, the quicker they can see their patients, and the more "formal" learning I can get in, haha. Last week I pretty much felt like a bum because my attending didn't "need" me as much to see patients. :-/

fan of casey: Yes, you can bet I'll play up that pick up line when I can, LOL. :-P