Saturday, July 9, 2011

The One to Make Me Dance?

Today I drove about 4 hours to make it to my friend's wedding. In fact, my best friend from undergrad and my roommate freshman year. But more about that later when I've returned home and had time to process the pics I took a bit more.

I can't remember if I've mentioned this, but I always have mixed feelings during every wedding I attend. On the one hand, I'm really happy for the new couple and the potential of their lives together. But on the other hand, I'm also rather sad for myself and still being so so single. This is only accented during the dancing portion of the reception, which I utterly dread.

First all, I feel rather awkward with/in my own body (hands aside - years of playing the piano and cello have mediated that, lol). And second, I usually don't have anyone to dance with because I attend most of the wedding solo too; and if I did have someone to dance with, I'm also not sure what to do. It's all just a really awkward moment for me unless I've had 4+ shots of alcohol within the last 30 minutes or so, haha.

I'm still looking for that one person who can make me dance and not feel like an utter fool. Where is this person who can motivate me onto the dance floor and dance with them (or at all)? A part of me is sick of just sitting on the sidelines waiting. And a part of me is just too comfortable not exposing myself like that on the dance floor. I mean, I even feel embarrassed attempting to dance in the privacy of my own apartment!
Anyway, on an unrelated note, Drew is now single. Again. Things didn't work out between him and his boyfriend and they broke up on friendly terms. It's been about 2 weeks since the break-up. In the intervening time, at least 3-4 guys have asked him out on dates, all of whom he had soundly rejected. For good reason! They should've given him at least 2 weeks to get over his last boyfriend - such quick rebound is good for no one.

But now 2 weeks are up. I don't know if I should make any kind of move while this window is still temporarily open. I don't want to be yet another guy asking him out on a date as I think that'd hurt our friendship (or at least make things a tad awkward in the future).

What I really want to do is just ask him if he'd ever consider dating me. And depending on his response I'd then ask him out (or not). But I also feel like it's cheesy to do that. Yet again, I don't want to be "yet another guy." Argh. What to do?!

I may ask him if he's free to hang out this coming Thursday afternoon/evening (because that's the earliest time during this week that I know I have some time off from rotations). I could ask him on the spot then. If he said yes things would actually work out nicely because I get my Step 1 board exam score this Wednesday, so he'd be either celebrating or commiserating with me depending on my score, lol.

He's one of the few people I've met who doesn't fail to make me smile and laugh when we hang out. I really enjoy spending time with him even as just friends. He may be one who can make me dance, lol. Argh, I don't want to mess this up. What should I do? Would things work out anyway since we're both so busy? :-/


Anonymous said...

Just ask him to hang out, avoid putting him on the spot until you have hung out several times. You will likely know if he wants romance from you without asking with a few face to face meetings. Maybe he needs more than two weeks before he considers officially dating, so just hang out be friends, fool around with him if the chemistry and mood are there. Keep it light and fun for now.

Biki said...

I totally agree with anonymous. Just be a friend to him and see what grows out of it.

As for dancing? Many people cant ever let "go" of themselves enough to dance. And if you are one of them, you are. No biggie in the scheme of life really.

Aek said...

Anonymous: We have hung out a few times. I can't tell if he wants romance with me. But you see, it's too easy for me to get stuck in that "just friends" zone. I think he's considering dating someone else now. I may have already missed this chance.

Biki: See above.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you may have the answer to your question if he has never shown any interest. But, my point was asking someone to hang out is a less formal way to ask for a date. You have got to be flirty and confident while your hanging out. Give him some processed carbs and alcohol, he will be a little sleepy, give him a good massage at least get his shirt off and push a few limits by putting some pressure on the muscular insertions of the iliac crest which you can reach by sliding your hands under his waist band if your positioned superiorly. Watch the sparkiejames massage videos on dailymotion to up your game, they are so good I ordered his dvd.

Even if it does not work out at least you can get some experience in seduction and move on to the fish.

Aek said...

Anonymous: I think I may have been premature in assuming he was going to date someone else. But I can't easily tell what he wants. I was, however, able to get him to take off his shirt (without the aid of alcohol, lol). It's pretty easy when you happen to carry a stethoscope. :-P