Monday, July 25, 2011

Nothing to Do

"Nothing to do." NTD. At the end of our day, we leave a small blurb to the night team taking over on our patients. That's the phrase for most of our patients since we already did the majority of their work-up during the day. Basically all the night team has to do is monitor our patients and make sure nothing major goes wrong, lol.

Anyway, last week I felt like a total bum. The new attending I'm working with is starting here brand new and was getting used to the system. She didn't really let me do as much as my first attending and she relied on the PA a lot. That's okay, I understand. But for the better part of that week I felt like I didn't have any "ownership" over my patients, which I didn't like. So for most of last week I had "nothing to do."

I'm regaining that again now and most of what I did under my first attending. One of the things I did do last week was call ID (infectious disease) consults. A lot. We kept getting patients with unknown sources of infection and whatnot. On Saturday, the ID fellow and Dr. P (remember him?) came by to round on our patient. I hadn't seen Dr. P in a long while, so it was great to see him! :-)

Anyway, my pharmacist friend linked this vid to me and I like it a lot:

And I'm not sure where I found this vid, but it's also very cute. :-)


Mike said...

I like the Edge of Glory video. Sounds like you're a busy guy- nothing new there! I don't know how you do it!

Ron said...

i'm currently on nights for ob/gyn and it's kinda dead quiet but every now and then u get blood blood baby vagina placenta blood blood LUSCS blood.

nice videos


Aek said...

Mike: Yeah, I've been busy. But it hasn't been TOO bad this month. We'll see what the next couple months bring!

Ron: Ugh, I'm not a fan of ob/gyn to begin with, haha. Not looking forward to that next April/May.