Thursday, January 31, 2008

Random Conversations

Some random conversation snippets between my friends and me, just because I'm too exhausted to think of anything substantial to post.

JW-M: "Men are willing to have a relationship with practically anything that moves."
SC-F: "Really?!"
JW-M & Me: "Yes, really."
Me: "I have to post this somewhere."
JW-M: "Don't post it somewhere where my girlfriend can read this."

Me: "I hate this cold. Grrr."
JW-M: "Yeah, but think. In 4 weeks, it's guaranteed to not be this cold because it'll be the end of February. In April, it's guaranteed to not be cold - not that it'll be warm. And by mid-May, it's guaranteed that there's no possibility that it could snow on any given weekend."
Me: "Damn it, 4 weeks is so far away."
JW-M: "I know. Damn it."

ML-F: "I don't like our Chinese class as much this semester."
Me: "Why?"
ML-F: "Because they're all overachieving Asians. I sense it."

DvF-M: "Wow, is there any part of your face that's exposed?"
Me (still bundled up and looking eskimo-like): "I'm like afraid of the cold."
DvF-M: "But like, only your cheeks are exposed."
Me: "Let's keep it that way."

You can learn a lot about people from their conversations. Really, is there any other interaction?

I saw this in the news the other day about Legos. Do you remember playing with Legos and how absolutely amazing they are?! Yup, Legos are still amazing and always will be. I wonder where mine have gone. Hmmm.

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