Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Let the Chips Fall Where They May

I really shouldn't be blogging right now. Pathophysiology exam on Wednesday. It's okay though, I managed to just finish going over all my notes. Now to go over them at least another 2 times. I've only got to memorize immology, the pulmonary system, the cardiovascular system, and cancer. No big deal (really, this won't be as hard as it sounds, I hope).

This morning (and by "this morning" I meant yesterday morning, as right now it's 1:45am) I had to wake up at 7am to go to a symposium on global aging. Ugh. Take away messages - aging sucks, and the Japanese totally own us at the whole living longer and healthier thing. Oh! I sat near the hot MPH, PhD guy who lectured in my anti-pharmacy class. He's hotter up close (although also thinner), as when he leans forward his shirt strains against his back and side muscles.

I talked to the PI of my lab today. It's all set! I'm getting paid $10/hour and I start on Friday. I need to hand the secretary my class schedule as well as my potential lab availability hours. From the looks of it, if I intend on working 12-15 hours/week, I'll be either at lab or in class from about 10am until 6pm everyday. T.T Well, at least I'll enjoy the company of a hot female PhD student from Barcelona for the next 3 months. Her accent only increases her hotness factor.

But when will I go to the gym? I don't go quite as often as I'd like as is. I don't seem to be improving in this area of making myself fitter and looking even remotely hot/attractive. It doesn't help that I sat here studying cardiovascular diseases while eating ice cream. Ugh, I'm going to get fat and die. And I don't want to turn 25, much less older than that. I mean, I'm 22 and I haven't done so many things yet! (Read: anything romantic/sexual in any way.) And now life is flashing before me.

Anyway, on a completely different topic, I'm going to JR-M's premiere of his movie Wednesday night. I just need to call CM-M to get a ride. I should get on that . . .

New blogs! W00t. Still working on reading blogs that I've bookmarked and haven't gotten through yet. Long blogs are long. And the more I delay, the longer they get. But until then, enjoy these two rather new ones:

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Landyn said...

thanks for the link dude :)

also, i really enjoy ur comments/advice. thanks for everything!


Anonymous said...

don't worry about those things, you'll get to do them. gotta be brave and put yourself out there, though.

anyways, i prefer ice-cream-eating asians with a tummy. :D