Saturday, October 11, 2008

Long Week (Addendum)

- I present "Exhibit A" otherwise known as my biotransformation (metabolism of toxicants) notes. Everything in cursive and the organic molecules in the margins are in my writing. I need to know this for an exam the day before Halloween. Grrr.

- AG-F, SR-F, and I went to eat Indian food tonight. We all got dosas (large crepe-like things) and naan (flatbread thing). We all suddenly got full within about 5 minutes of each other. And we're still full I'm sure, and it was painful to walk to AG-F's apartment afterwards.

- I got my absentee ballot in the mail! Yay!!

- I did my laundry on Monday. But I still haven't folded it yet. Yeah.

- My calculator officially died. I need new batteries otherwise I can't do my epidemiology and genetics homework (what IS this, homework in grad school?!).

- I woke up this morning at 7:50am or so, to go help out at a flu clinic about 40 minutes away. We also helped with an anthrax emergency preparedness event. So in the event of bioterrorism, know that (at least in my state) the government has your back health-wise.

- I tried to play Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne, with my friend TR-M (JR-M's older brother) because he's been wanting to play with me for like 4 days. Alas, our internet connections didn't like each other. We tried to connect to each other's games for about an hour before giving up.

- My friend JW-M, all the way from Beijing, notified me of the new Blizzard game developments. That effectively disrupted my studying for quite some time. The new Diablo 3 game just announced their 3rd class, the wizard! I'm SO going to play the wizard. Don't judge, just know that even future health professionals play video games from time to time.

- This firefox add-on called ctrl-tab is amazing! I'm so going to use this, as I tend to have like a thousand tabs open at once.

- Heroes is becoming more and more ridiculous, and yet I still watch that show. It's getting interestingly weird now, haha. SR-F was like, "I'm not watching this anymore." Meanwhile, I got AG-F hooked on it, lol.

- AG-F in lab, turning on the computer: "I don't know why I turned the computer on. It's because it has a button. If it has a button, it must be pushed. It's a rule."

- Several times this week I've wanked (I suppose everyone's using this particular slang nowadays) twice within 2 hours. I feel like something's out of balance, because that's way more than usual for me. And now perhaps I've said too much.

- JR-M's girlfriend looks kind of like Allison Mack (from the show Smallville). They could be sisters, except JR-M's girlfriend has blue eyes.

- When I go to sleep tonight, I'm not setting an alarm tomorrow. If I wake up at noon, so be it. And it will be glorious.

I think this brings my long week to a final close.


Charlie said...

I wish you were around to write my college notes for me; they look so neat!

Mike said...

Those notes are perplexing. I second Charlie; they look so neat and you have really nice writing. I am always fascinated by people's writing. I am especially to see you wrote in cursive as opposed to printing... haha... I thought I was the only one.

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the calculator. :(

And yea on the anthrax preparedness...I doubt California has anything comparable.

Tim said...

hey, soy de barcelona. y no sé por qué escribí en castellano. jeje. anyway. espero que todo esté bien!

Joshua said...

Omgg I <3 indian food. It's super heavy, though. Naan is the best. My cousin who goes to Berkeley now grew up in Cerritos and she's very indian-influenced and it's crazy because she can pronounce all the Indian dishes without any accent. Haha.

And holy crap that ochem stuff looks insane. Is it ochem? Hope your week is getting better!! :D

Aek said...

charlie: Haha, I've heard that one before. :P Thanks for the compliment.

mike: W00t to cursive! Proud are the few!!

james: It's okay, I got new batteries. It's alive again. :D

tim: Gracias!

joshua: No, it's no o-chem (which we call orgo, at least I think that's what you're referring to). It's toxicology, which utilizes a lot of biochem apparently. To my horror. >.<