Tuesday, October 21, 2008

If Only You Were Here

Read first In Memory . . .
I'm sorry I missed your birthday and I only realized now that you're not with us. You'll pardon us if we forget, as we all too often get mired in our busy lives without your bright and lively person to drag us out and have some fun, once in a while. :P But as for me, you'll have to pardon the tears that sporadically threaten to well up in my eyes.

Remember freshman year? The lot of us pre-meds? Haha, we were foolish then (we still are I suppose), but guess what? We made it! We graduated and most of us got accepted to med school, one way or another. We have been able to fulfill another phase on our self-ordained fate, our purpose. You should've been with us, among us, as we celebrated graduation and our acceptances. It's been a rough 4 years, with a particularly stressful senior year as we drove ourselves insane with the med school application process. But now that the dusts have cleared, we move forward again.

You should be here. You deserve to be here. You would've made it as well, I'm sure. You shouldn't have been shafted by the very system you were about to dedicate your life to. You should've gotten better and quicker care from one of the best medical centers in the world here. It's not fair, as it stands, it's not fair.

You would've liked Obama. Haha, yeah you would. You would've campaigned for him until the ends of the Earth; I could see you now on campus - handing out flyers, telling people to vote. You were always outspoken and determined. One way or another change is coming. The world will be different by the time we get out of med school. Hopefully the system that was meant to help everyone actually will. And I hope it saves the next person when it wasn't able to save you.

It's now the transition between seasons, autumn. How beautiful and sad are the changing and falling of leaves. It makes you appreciate the fragility of life, doesn't it? All I have of you are memories now, I don't think we even took a picture together. How sad is that? Oh, if only you were here . . .

Anyway, even if I don't blog, post, or really talk about you again, I want you to know that you'll always be in our thoughts and a part of you will always be with us.

In memory of Kavya V.
10/12/1986 to 10/17/2006


Joshua said...

That's beautiful, and it's really honorable how you're writing about him even though he's passed and even though it happened a few years ago. I have a friend who killed himself earlier this year, and even though it's been ten months since, I still think about him but probably not to the extent that you do and I feel kind of bad about that.

By the way the building you work in is beautiful. The building I work in is almost completely run-down. But it's still nice. The elevators are slow, though. I work on the ninth floor haha.

naturgesetz said...

My condolences on your loss, aek.

Aek said...

Joshua: For the record, the person referred to in this post is female, not male. :D It's okay, you wouldn't know until the very end of the post. Even then, Kavya might not be an obvious female name?

naturgesetz: Thanks. Life moves on, as it always does.