Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Only

Couldn't concentrate last night on studying for my exam tomorrow, felt a bit down. Wrote this poem instead in half an hour. Somehow the words are stronger and have more meaning in Chinese. Some of it is lost in translation, I'm sure. Below is the poem in Chinese, atonal pinyin, and English. I may explain it later.



(wei yi)

(ni hai ji de wo ma?)
(ni hai ren shi wo ma?)
(wo shi ni de shen me?)
(zhi shi yi ge peng you.)
(kan bu dao wo,)
(ting bu dao wo,)
(ni bu zhi dao,)
(bu zhi dao wo de bing.)
(wo de xiong kou ya zhe,)
(wo de xin shou zua zhe,)
(ke shi lian bu gan dong.)
(mei you qi neng hu xi,)
(mei you yan lei neng ku.)
(zhi you wo yi ge ren,)
(mei you di er ge ren,)
(yong yuan xiang zhi yang ma?)
(wo qing ni kan zhe wo,)
(ting zhe wo, ji de wo,)
(ren shi wo, zhi dao wo.)
(wo bu neng zhi shi wo yi ge ren.)

The Only

Do you remember me?
Do you recognize me?
What am I to you?
Just a friend.
You don't see me,
don't hear me.
You don't know,
don't know my pain.
There's a pressure on my chest,
there's a hand grasping my heart,
but my face is unmoved - emotionless.
There is no air I can breathe,
no tears I can cry.
There is only me,
there is no other person.
Will it always be like this?
I ask you to look at me,
hear me, remember me,
recognize me, know me.
I can't be just me anymore.

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naturgesetz said...

Wow! the letters for the "word verification" are "depressu"

There seems to be a lot of feeling down going around the blogs I visit right now. Sorry it's hit you.

Hope you can get back to studying for the exams. Maybe writing the poem helped?

Doug said...

Wow a powerful the poem. I read some chinese (mostly traditional characters) but I caught most of it and the English translation helped fill in the holes.

I hope writing this out helped you with your feelings and that you're doing better now?

Joshua said...

You're not alone!! :(

I suck at Chinese so I read the pingyin haha :D But still, it was really really good and you are not alone! :) I hope you don't feel alone because it's the worst feeling ever, so if you ever need anything, well you can always email or rant to me. Or yell to me, I don't really care, whatever makes you feel better hahah :D

By the way you have spotless Chinese. It's quite good! :D

Aek said...

naturgesetz: Eh, exam studying is going . . .

Doug: I read both simplified and traditional (though not a ton of either). The poem just helps put into words what I was feeling last night.

Joshua: How can I email you when you don't have your email address listed anywhere? Would be easier for you to email me first. :P

Anonymous said...

I hope I in no contributed to your being down. Just know I'm always here for you, ALWAYS. As much as I can for what it means. *hugs*

Mr. X said...

sorry to hear you've been feeling down. my feelings have been going up and down a lot lately.
i hope you did well on your exam! :)