Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Day 1: Heart over Mind

Okay, the post people have been waiting for. And yes, day 1. ;-)

And thanks to Steevo and AJ for their encouragement and totally unsubtle nudging along. Some of you may know who I hooked up with, but if you do, don't ruin it for everyone else! Let each person put two and two together. So it seems most people voted for the "omg too detailed" or similar category, but a couple did ask for just the "prude details." Maybe there's a way to satisfy both. But plenty detailed it'll be. You all have no idea at the consequences you've wrought, lol. This is going to be a LONG post.

Anyway, I've been talking to the person I hooked up with online for several months, since July or so. He doesn't live in the area and I don't have the means to travel to him. But this weekend he was in town, and so we agreed ahead of time to meet up, at the very least for dinner. So I took a shower about an hour before heading down to campus. I had shaved above and trimmed below the night before, so things were in order.

Now, if you pick up nothing else from my writing, it's that I tend to overthink. I think too much and I come up with several different scenarios for a single event as well as several possible excuses. For example: Will I get too excited and cum too quickly? Does he have an STD that he neglected to tell me (unlikely, but still a passing thought)? What're the chances of getting x, y, or z? What if I give him my cold that I'm just getting over? What if it's awkward? What if I'm uncomfortable? What if . . . what if . . . the "what if's" go on and on. I had to stop thinking with my head, and let my heart lead. Easier said that done for me.

I get to campus around 5pm. I meet up with him inside one of the university buildings (it was cold outside) and we went on a short tour of some of the immediate campus surroundings. After a brief discussion we settled on sushi for dinner. Sushi, as always, was delicious. He particularly like the oonagi (eel). We talked about grad school, life, things of that nature throughout dinner. It helped me relax a bit. I keep failing to remember exactly how expensive sushi is. We didn't eat that much, but our bill came out to be about $50, which we split pretty much 50/50.

Then we walk a bit to the bus stop back to my apartment. I point out some of the nicer buildings along the way. I swear, the temperature dropped like 10 degrees within 2 hours. I was on the verge of freezing. We get on the bus and take the 20-minute ride or so to a stop about 10 minutes away from my apartment. We get there, and my roommate was home! Grrr!! But then, almost as if something answered our prayers, my roommate left to go to a friend's place for a bit.

We worked our way to my bedroom. He sat on the far edge of my bed, his back against the wall. I sat next to him and then turned to face him. He took my hand and commented on how tense I felt. While I wasn't consciously nervous, I guess I must've been so physically. I had to force myself to relax and just "go with the flow" (thanks AJ). He took my hand and put it on his face, on his chest, over his heart. I then turn around and lay down into his chest as he held me, with my hands rubbing his thighs and knees through his jeans.

Okay, this part starts to get graphic. The prude version is that he touches me, I touch him, we get undressed, we give each other oral sex, we attempt to kiss, we finish each other off, then we shower together. Skip this upcoming section if you just want the "prude details."

He then starts to put his hands under my shirt and rub my stomach, and over the neck part of my shirt and rubs my chest. I'm a very ticklish person, so it all tickled at first. There's a fine line between feeling good and tickling. At this point I started "melting." You know how people say how passion is like sparks and electricity? Well, that wasn't how I felt. Most of the time I feel like either a very concentrated and carefully controlled ball of energy, or a spiky and excited burst of energy. But at this moment, I was feeling different, like slow-moving wave in the ocean-tide or something. So steady, sensual. And I was hard.

He lifted up my shirt a bit to rub more of my stomach. All this time I was rubbing his legs through his jeans or running my hands up and down his arms, following where they went. All the while he kept complimenting me on my body, which is by no means anywhere near impressive by any standard. Not sure exactly what he saw in it, but I was glad he put up and pushed through my (many) insecurities.

I suggested that he go a bit further down, so he then unbuckled my belt, unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans. He hovered his arms over my hard-on in my underwear (dark grey boxer-briefs, for anyone's who cares). I both hate and love being teased. He then put his hand in my underwear, grabbed my dick, and gave a little squeeze. Again, not particularly impressive down there. As he pulled his hand out, he felt the tip of my foreskin with his fingers and, according to his account, it looked like I was about to jump out of my skin (a priceless look on my face, says he). It was something I've never felt before, and it felt so good. He went back in briefly to poke around the head of my dick, which also yielded similar responses. I also leaked pre-cum like crazy, which I almost NEVER do.

At this point, I decided I tease him a bit. So I sat up and closer to him, pressing myself against his groin. I could feel his hard-on through his jeans, pulsing ever so slightly. He returned to just feeling me up. I lay with my head on his chest, just feeling really relaxed and comfortable. He had me take off my shirt. I turn to my side so I can unbuckle his belt and unzip his jeans. I then extracted his dick and "examined" it. I had never touched another guy's dick before, so this was all new. On top of that, he's cut (unsurprisingly) unlike me and I didn't know how to handle this model. I gave a few squeezes, rubbed in circles on the underside of the head, tried to give a couple strokes. There was very little slack, so that didn't work so well. I guess I had it real easy in this respect and never quite appreciated that fact.

All this while, I had my blinds closed but the door to my room was left open. Well, if my roommate came home suddenly, we were certainly in a compromised situation. So I got up to close my door as he took his shirt off. I come back and he slowly slides my jeans down, the tent in my underwear quite apparent. He slides those off too, and my dick gives a little bounce back. He gets up and removes his jeans and smiley face boxers.

I take his dick again and give it a squeeze and another attempt at stroking, haha. We stood there, one leg kneeling on my bed. And we just hugged real close, feeling each other's naked bodies, grinding a little. I then tried doing something "interesting." I took my dick and lined it up with his, then I rolled my foreskin forward so it covered his back. I was mildly surprised I even had enough skin to do this, but it was kind of fun stroking both of us with my foreskin, haha. It was actually a little awkward as he's quite a bit taller than me.

He then gently, playfully, knocks me onto my bed. He grabs my dick, gives it a few strokes, and starts to suck on it. My first bj! And it was a new sensation for me, not quite what I was expecting (not that I really knew what to expect). He does this for a while, then moves upward. We attempt to kiss. I say attempt because we both sucked miserably at it as neither of us had ever kissed anyone before. It was so awkward it was cute, haha. He moves back down and continues giving me a bj, varying it a bit with how he did it and stroking with his hand. With his other hand, he took mine and placed it on his head so I could stroke my hands through his head. It felt so good. We were going so slowly - it was so relaxing and sensual. I had my eyes closed most of the time, just enjoying the sensation of touch that had been so lacking in my life. My hips must've bucked a few times.

While this all felt sooo good, I couldn't cum and I really wanted to. So with one hand I just took hold of my foreskin and kept it skinned back, as the inside's usually oh so sensitive. Surely a bj on that area would get me off. No, haha. Good it indeed felt, but I couldn't get off. I felt just a little bit bad, because it must've been tiring for him. So I took over and stroked myself, pretty fast. That wasn't working. I kept going until my arm hurt, switched to the other until it hurt, then back.

Suddenly I was on the verge of cumming, and I told him so. He moved my hand out of the way, took my dick and put it in his mouth. I came in his mouth and it felt so good as I felt every bit come out of me. Even after I had finished he kept me in his mouth, trying to suck me as I got super-sensitive, as most guys do after they cum I imagine. It was a little agonizing, like I didn't want it to stop, but I really did because I got so sensitive, but really I didn't. He did back off, and what bit of my cum he didn't swallow he let drip on my leg. I wipe up, then pushed him onto my bed.

It was kind of funny as he reclined and hit his head on my wall I decided it was only fair for me to return the favor. I took his dick, looked at it for a moment, then went down on him. My first time giving a guy a bj! I'm glad he wasn't much bigger than he was - 2 more inches and I would've gagged for sure. I tried my best, going up and down. I hope I wasn't too bad, but I'm sure he would've let me know if I was terrible. Also, he was running his hands through my hair, so how bad could I've been? My jaws got a little tired, so I jacked him off for a little while. My saliva didn't seem to last too long and before long it got too dry to wank, so more bj! After a several minutes of this he was getting close and my jaws were getting sore.

I stroke him a little bit longer, then I ask him to take over. I hand him the lotion he kept in the pocket of his jeans. He applied a bit and stroked. I ran my hands up and down his stomach and legs, holding and rubbing his balls a bit in the process. Within 30 seconds or so he blew his load . . . all over the place! On his stomach, on his chest, on his shoulders, and on my wall!! After he had finished, I took my cum rag and tried to wipe up the stuff off the wall before it dried and stained.

Then I opened my door a crack, poked my head out to see if it was clear, then made my way to the bathroom. He soon followed. We both got in the shower together and soaped up each other's back and such. After we dried and got dressed, I got really hungry, haha. All this took almost 2 hours.

I put on my pea coat and grabbed an umbrella, as it was drizzling outside. We make our way to the bus stop and get back to campus. We first stop by a bubble tea place to get bubble tea (for those who don't know, bubble tea is either green tea or milk tea with different flavors and tapioca "bubbles" at the bottom - it's an Asian thing). Then we walk down the street and I buy us a nutella crepe to share. We talk a bit more - about life, about the internet, about webcomics, etc.

Since he didn't know the area, I walk him most of the way back to where he was staying near campus. He held my arm for part of the way as I held the umbrella. That was cute. We get to a corner where we were going to go our separate ways. He bent down to give me a peck on the cheek. We hug under my umbrella for a little while, then said our good nights and goodbyes.

Stay tuned for day 2. ;-P

This song, "Pocketful of Sunshine" by Natasha Bedingfield, was how I felt the remainder of the night and into the next day. The music vid, which couldn't be embedded, can be found here.


Shane said...

I pieced it together!!!!!!!

:D!!! I am sooo happy for you two.

How CUTE!!! O.m.g

Anonymous said...

You know what? Fuck jocks and their steroid-induced muscles.They'll all have small nuts by the age of 27 anyways. :P But seriously, a person's body is only as beautiful as someone else deems it. If someone thinks you're sexy as all hell, then you are, just by nature of the fact that they think it...not because there's some objective standard that you've managed to reach or approximate.

That feeling, after you've been intimate with someone...that's the best place to be in the world, isn't it? You feel like you're glowing all over, maybe like you are somehow gentler and softer, the world seems welcome and accepting, you smile like a complete fool all the time...and don't care who sees you or what they think. :D

AJCon89 said...

I am glad that i could be of service to you... haha

I'm really happy for both of you... could not have happened to two nice guys

charlie said...

Taller... mmm... like around 9 inches or something? :P Aha! so good for you two! I'm happy, it seems to be a good month for all of us :D

naturgesetz said...

Thanks for setting off the explicit part.

naturgesetz said...

Also, if you've read my blog you will understand why I'm not quite gushing over this. I wish I could, but there it is. But I do want to say that I am pleased that you chose to have it as part of a loving personal relationship, and I hope that both of you found your love deepened. And may any sexual activity you have be equally loving.

May you continue to grow in love. You have my best wishes.

steevo said...

Whew. Maybe AJ and I deserve medals or at least a nice certificate? "Totally unsubtle" ---that's me. It's why I'm such a good sex ed teacher. It's not rocket science and a lot more fun, eh?

Nudges r Us! Yes!

BTW, aek, if the doctor thing doesn't work out, maybe u have a future as an erotic writer.

And kudos to you for sharing the experience. I hope it encourages others gay guys who have been reluctant to explore intimacy, or just not so lucky as to find a good partner...yet!

Your honesty and self-deprecation was/is very healthy. Also very cute. So it's a little awkward the first time. And kissing does take practice. But seriously, it was quite erotic for me because it was so honest and so human... so real. And not just my voyeurism! Well done!

Lube: free sample
Airfare: $400.
Cab to the campus: $22
Sushi dinner for two: $50

DESSERT: Priceless



naturgesetz said...

Continuing to think about you guys.

I believe that all true love is a participation in the divine. So I rejoice that you love each other.

Joshua said...

LOL well if I can put two and two together...

I kinda thought this would happen, it was only a matter of time!! :D

hahaha I can't stop laughing hahahahahahha

Mike said...

Sounds like you really enjoyed the experience!!! Congratulations!!!

We're all insecure about our bodies. Look at me. I'm worried/obsess over being called anorexic. I think beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder.

David said...


you two...!!!!! :D

Aek said...

Everyone: Thanks!! I gather it was "prude-ish" enough and also "omg too detailed" enough as well? It's a little embarrassing to share some of the more . . . private details, haha. But I'm glad everyone enjoyed themselves. XD

AJ & Steevo: Thanks again!! :P Though, I don't think I'd ever abandon medicine to be an erotic writer, sorry. I don't think I have it in me.

Joshua: I'm amused that you found it amusing. Let's laugh a bit more together, lol.

Alright everyone, stay tuned for Day 2, which I'll post within the next 24 hours or so.

Ron said...