Thursday, November 13, 2008

Day 2: Long Goodbye

Day 2 will follow a similar style as Day 1. In some ways, Day 2 was much better.

So after we parted ways the night of Day 1, I went to a friend's apartment and attempted to study for my pathophysiology exam this Monday. I didn't realize how exhausted I was and I was falling asleep all over my notes. It wasn't even midnight yet! So I just went home and crashed.

When I woke up the next morning (before my alarm, annoyingly enough) I felt oddly serene. I really shouldn't have, as I had an exam the following day that I was simply not yet prepared for. But I woke up, went about my morning slowly, doing laundry and such. Just a sense of peace. I hadn't felt that way in a long time.

I get an IM from him around mid-day. He didn't want to attend the last thing he should've, so he was going to ditch it and visit me and say goodbye. Half an hour later he arrived at my apartment. I let him in, he sat in my only chair in my living room, lol. I took out my cello, tuned it, and just played it for a bit. It's been a long time since I played my cello, longer still since I've played it in front of anyone. I was really just fooling around and played a few excerpts I somehow still had memorized in my head, then I played some of the melodies I had begun to compose but no one had yet heard in person (at least, until now).

Just as I was packing up, my roommate returned. He picked something up and left almost as soon. After my roommate left, we walked over to my small round kitchen table and sat kind of opposite from each other. My right leg was in between his, and he rested his hands on my knees, slowly rubbing them. We talked for a while, about what I couldn't quite remember. I remember remarking how I really had to study and all, repeatedly.

His hands slowly worked their way up towards my crotch, and as they did, I got harder and harder. We got closer and closer. He rested his hand on my hard-on and stroked through my jeans a bit. Well fuck, I had to get rid of my hard-on now, otherwise it'd bother me for hours (which would really put a dent in my studying). I tacitly agreed to let him unbuckle my belt and undo my jeans.

He extracted my dick from the fly of my boxers. He gave a few strokes up and down, then brushed against the tip of my foreskin like the night before. And like the night before, it elicited a similarly amazing response. He pulled it back and rubbed the head bare a bit, which was a little more intense. I hardly moan at all, but I was moaning the night before and right then.

Quick tangent: I realize that I seem to talk about my foreskin a lot in the last post and here, haha. It's just that, that's where the best feelings seem to be for me. I realize some (many) of the readers here probably can't relate because they're lacking that part of their anatomy. Well, I apologize but bear with me.

He came closer, brought his chair so it was beside mine. He put one arm around me and felt me up and down under my T-shirt, while jacking me with his other hand. He gave me small kisses on my neck and ears. I then showed him something I like to do: with one finger (index finger) on the head, and then with 2 fingers, bring the foreskin up over that finger and just rub the foreskin about a bit. That felt sooo amazing, way more so than when I do that to myself. Of course I was leaking pre-cum a bit now, which again, I almost never do. He seemed to have fun playing with my foreskin. It was kind of like a toy I've had for a long time and enjoyed, but never knew how much fun it would be to share with another person.

He put his head on my shoulders, I put my head on his and closed my eyes. I took over jacking myself while he continued to just run his hands over my body and hugging me alternatively. I see his lotion (that he left at my place the night before) so I took a bit and applied it to my dick. I rarely use lube of any kind, because it's messy (and I hate dealing with that) and it tends to make me so sensitive that I cum much faster than I would otherwise. I jack myself for a bit, but wasn't even getting remotely close to orgasm however great it felt.

He took over again as my arm tired. I ran my hands up and down his arms, his legs. I put my face to his head, feeling his hair on my cheeks. I tell him to stroke just the head a bit and leave my foreskin back. With the bit of lotion as lube, it felt really sensitive and good. But I still wasn't even close to orgasm. I took over and went rather fast, still to no avail, haha. He moved his head close to give me a bj, but I wasn't feeling up to that because I didn't want to shower in the middle of the day, lol. So he brought his head back up and against mine.

I then give up, stuff my hard-on back into my jeans, and zip up. I really needed to study, lol.

He had to leave soon to catch the bus back to campus, and he had already been over for about an hour and a half already. At the door we hugged. Usually when I hug someone I feel awkward for some reason, like I don't want to get too close or like I'm not sure how. This was different, this was the first hug I gave in a long time that was totally uninhibited, totally honest, and totally not awkward. It was as sincere as it possibly could've been. He bent down to kiss me and this time, our kiss actually felt like it could've been a real kiss, lol. We kind of hesitated at the kiss - like we wanted more, but at the same time didn't. We hugged tighter for a good minute, and I felt his heart beat fast. I'm sure we could've stood there hugging for a good another minute or two.

Before he left, I gave him a gift - a reminder that there is hope in the world, that someone will always care.
As you can see, those are tiny origami cranes made from Starburst wrappers and stored in a film canister. Each one takes about 5 minutes for me to make and there were 100 cranes in the film canister I gave him. In the second picture, the crane is right next to the piece of the Starburst wrapper it's made from. The story goes that the paper crane is a symbol of hope and good luck, and if one makes 1000 of them, he/she will get one wish.

So again, I gave him that gift as a sign of hope - hope for life, hope for better days; and as a symbol that there will be someone wishing him well.

About half an hour after he left, my hard-on still hadn't quite abated. So I did jack off, and even alone it took a bit of effort to orgasm but it was well worth it. I shot clear of the tissue I was attempting to use to contain it, and I had to wipe it off my carpet before it dried and stained, lol.

When I went to the library later that night, I kept smiling and chuckling softly at the most random things - at the music I was listening to, at renal failure (which I was studying), at hormones - it was all kind of bizarre for me.

Now I'm really curious about something concerning you, the readers (however many of you are out there). Look to the poll I've created somewhere in the right column of the blog and answer honestly and only once. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

Sometimes hugs like that are more intimate than anything overtly sexual. I think your friend loves you very much, and wished he could stay like that forever holding you. I'll bet his heart was beating for you and you alone at that moment...obviously you brought some beauty and hope and love to what had been a very dark existence for him.

And, next time, you need to think less about business, and more about...uh, "business." ;)

Is your guy a hopeless romantic? If so, I'll bet he loved the cranes. I know I would...such a personal and sincere gift! :)

naturgesetz said...

That is certainly a very meaningful gift. Much more than something you could have bought for him.

Dane said...

What a cute gift. And according to google rss you have 36 subscribers. Maybe 37 now ;-)

julian. said...

awh that's a cute gift. as for the poll, sorry couldn't fill it out. i'm not a boy biologically, but I sure as hell am not a girl. :P so the whole foreskin thing does not apply to me. pfftt.

Aek said...

Everyone: Awww, I'm glad you think the gift's cute and such, lol. :D

Julian: I didn't mean to exclude. I would edit the poll if possible, but it doesn't allow me to do that. :(

Anonymous said...

rubbing the foreskin feels SO SO good - doesnt get me off, but does get me a bit light headed (no pun intended).

This is the reason why babies shouldnt be cut.

E said...

There's nothing like a gift from the heart! Sometimes you have to give in to temptation to make it go away.

HAHA, my word is ingrat!

Stephen Chapman... said...

I love your blog! It's funny, interesting and the explicit parts are cool too!

somewhere just north of London

Aek said...

Anonymous: Hell yeah! You're totally right - it does feel SO SO good (and like you, I can't get off from it alone). And I agree with you on your second point.

E: Yes well, giving into temptation I did indeed have to do. XD

Stephen: I'm glad you find my blog funny, interesting, and with rather cool explicit parts. o.O I'm not sure I see all of that in my own writing though - then again, I'm my own greatest critic in everything.

John Halcyon von Rothschild said...

The origami is a nice touch....all I have to say is awwwwwww!!! =)