Sunday, November 2, 2008

I went Clubbing!

Okay, so this is a pseudo-tipsy post. I really should be full-blown drunk now, seeing as I had 5 shots of vodka, a long island, an apple martini, and a kamikaze (and maybe 1 more drink . . .), but I'm only mildly tipsy. Might be from all the dancing. Though I am partly deaf from the loud music - I hope/sure it's temporary.

Anyway, today. I went to lunch with SR-F and RZ-F for lunch at a local Indian restaurant that had a buffet-style lunch. I ate too much. Then SR-F, RZ-F, CM-F, and I watched the movie The Changeling. It was a really good movie, definitely worth a watch. Unfortunately it was a really sad movie and I can pretty much only watch it once in my life.

When we finished the movie, we went back to SR-F's apartment briefly. SR-F got ready for orchestra rehearsal whereas RZ-F, CM-F, and I went to pick up SM-M, an Indian friend of RZ-F's. People call him "Surge" so I'll call him that here. The 4 of us went to Olive Garden for dinner where we waited for over an hour to get seated. I got so full so quickly as I was still full from lunch. So I have the majority of my entree boxed.

After that the 4 of us went back to our separate apartments to change and just rest for an hour. I really didn't want to go, as my stomach was still so damn full. But RZ-F convinced me to go. At about 10pm we went to Surge's apartment to drink before going to club. I had my 5 shots of vodka there. If I weren't so full from lunch and dinner I might've drank more. Then we went to a local club. I hadn't been to a club since my freshman year of college. I didn't like it much then because, while I like salsa music, I can't keep up with it and my friend (partner) wasn't on the beat. She wasn't even sycopating! Yeah, I'm a music person so I must somehow find the beat and keep to it. It just didn't work then.

Anyway, we went to the club. I didn't expect to like it. I actually had quite a bit of fun, as evident by my smile pretty much the entire duration of the 3+ or so hours on the dance floor. I danced only with CM-F, which although I would've liked to dance with RZ-F at least once, I wasn't disappointed in. For the record, I had no idea what I was doing. So I just let CM-F take the lead. So there were 4 of us - 2 girls and 2 guys - CM-F and RZ-F, and Surge and I. The club wasn't very crowded, which was good (for me). We got our other drinks there. I didn't actually know I was tipsy until I left at what would've been close to 3am if not for daylight saving's time.

CM-F and RZ-F had to pee a lot, lol. Silly women and their smaller bladders. But it was fun. I figured out pretty quickly how to follow CM-F as she was dancing and just tried to keep up with her. At least she could feel the beat. I was pretty close (physically) to her the entire night - I haven't touched a person that closely in a LONG time (or maybe ever). She ran her hands through my hair a few times and put her hand on my chest every now and then - note, those felt really good. After a while, the way she was dancing and grinding me almost gave me a hard-on, so I had to fight that for a few minutes. That would've been awkward, particularly in the jeans I was wearing. Thankfully the alcohol also helped to suppress my hard-on a bit too.

So for my "first time" I was told I was pretty good. Not sure how much of that I trust, but I'll take the compliment for now. :D Note, it was really good to hold/feel a person that close and just feel them move against you. Despite the fact that CM-F has a boyfriend that she's been going out with since I've know her (which is at least 4 years now). It was still a good experience and I didn't feel like a complete retard while dancing. But maybe that's the alcohol talking.


Joshua said...


Seriously! I second what James said. You're stealing all the girls away! I went to a party on Halloween and was waiting for this hot flamboyantly-gay-but-denies-it boy to get drunk so I could dance with him and hopefully make out but my friend called me and she was wasted so I had to go pick her up. :(

But I think dancing with boys and girls are super fun. HELL, dancing is just super fun! :D

I want to go to a rave. :D

Mike said...

Sounds like you had a fun time!!!

Mr. X said...

hahaha, sounds like a lot of fun! good times! :)