Sunday, November 9, 2008

Hey, I Hooked Up

Hey, I hooked up tonight!

I would post more details, but I'm dead tired, so this post is just a tease (I know, you all hate me now right?). To let you all know how ridiculously busy I'll be for this coming week, here's a sample of my schedule of the week:

Monday: Pathophysiology exam. I also have to get my GSI (grad student instructor) contract. I'll be teaching a class next semester!! I don't know for what undergrad course until I get my contract, but I'm really excited.

Tuesday: Epidemiology homework due. It takes 2-3 hours to do.

Wednesday: Genetics homework due. Probably also takes 2-3 hours to do.

Thursday: A group paper and a presentation/discussion thing.

The rest of the time, I have loads of research. But of course that's not what's interesting. What's interesting is the hook up I'm not talking about in this post, lol (still hating me?).

Comment and let me know how much, um, detail you want me to go into when I do blog about it in a few days when the dusts of academia clear a bit for me. Your choices are: prudely detailed, moderately detailed, quite detailed, pretty detailed, play-by-play detailed, and omg-too-detailed.


Hish said...

HELLO, I WANT TO KNOW EVERYTHIIINNGGG... or we can just do that on AIM, and you post the prude version here. I don't know. Up to you. But either way, I must know EVERYTHING.

Looking forward to it :D

Anonymous said...

i wanna know IT ALL!!

Seth said...

Can we have "microscopically detailed" ??

Anonymous said...


tarotism said...

erm... well,

please give me omg-too-detailed and I believe my heart can handle it.

Peace out! XD

E said...

Yeah, I think I could stand a moan-by-moan detailed report....Lots of disgusting details...all that jazz.

Doug said...

OMG-TOO-DETAILED! I vote for that one! lol.
How fun for the two of you! ;)

charlie said...

I totally agree, details! :D (but just the interesting ones!) :D

Joshua said...


naturgesetz said...

"Prudely" will be plenty. Enough people have been graphic enough recently that we can all supply the rest from what we've read elsewhere.

Tim said...

OMG Too detailed. Thank you.

Brent said...

DETAILS DETAILS DETAILS....Congrats for hooking up!!!

naturgesetz said...

To clarify my earlier comment —

All I need to know is what you lovebirds had for dinner and how much you paid for the champagne which enabled you to have your way with him.

(You'll notice that I am presuming that the hookee is, like yourself, a guy of the male sex. How presumptuous of me! lol. I'm sure if I'm wrong you'll cheerfully correct me.)

Anonymous said...

wait, maybe i should vote for play-by-play...i don't want to know all the awkward mistakes the other guy made. :P

oh heck, sure i do! omg-too-detailed it is! :D

btw - best wishes on your test today, though i know now you're more than smart enough to need them.

David said...

congrats! :D