Sunday, May 17, 2009

Farewell "Happy to be in my skin"

One of my favorite blogs, Happy to be in my skin by Shane, will be going offline within the next couple of days. He started his blog as "The Real Ugly Duckling" and had transitioned to the title it is now.

Shane is graduating in 2 months and will be in a third-world Asian country for the next 1-4 years with a group delivering supplies and helping remote villages. It's going to be one crazy, dangerous, and wild ride, but I can see it also as really fulfilling. And because he won't really have internet access there, he'll be deleting his blog. So if you haven't read his blog yet, head over now and read it while you can!

So, to Shane, I wish you the best in all your endeavors and safe journeys. Come back alive and well, and take lots of pictures if you can along the way. I'm saddened by the inevitable loss of your blog (unless this convinces you otherwise), but if you ever return to blogging, please send me an email or an IM! Even if you don't return to the blogosphere, I still hope you send me an email or IM to let me know that you've come back safe with many amazing stories to tell.



Anonymous said...

I'm gonna miss him. :'(

Anonymous said...

he could always do a blog and have a co-author to whom he simply sends an email when he can. Or how about an actual [sssshudder] carbon based letter that is then posted on his behalf. Even if it is a rare post... it will be nice to hear SOMETHING...

Jake Annonymous said...

happy birthday!

Aek said...

James: I know. :(

Jake: Thanks!! ^_^

naturgesetz said...

It was great to read his posts in which he told of going from feeling like the real ugly duckling to being happy in his skin. (In the original story, the "duckling" turned out to be a swan.)

So best wishes to Shane.

And happy birthday to you, Aek. And many more. And much happiness in the coming year.

Mirrorboy said...

You should have made a bday post so everyone could wish you happy bday on it.

That reminds me...

Happy birthday! :)


cvn70 said...


sorry i got here late to wish you happy bday and i hope all is well and you had a wonderful day

take car and safe


Anonymous said...

I know this is a couple days late but I've had very limited Internet access.

But, Happy Birthday! I know sometimes it doesn't seem like it but I really enjoy our msn chats and even tho I never comment I still read every post of yours.

Hope you had a good birthday and hope the next year goes well.

Aek said...

naturgesetz: Yes, I enjoyed Shane's blog very much. And thanks for the b-day wishes!

Mboy: Haha, you're right. But I was on the road for much of my b-day and didn't have access to internet. :-/

cvn70: It's okay, thanks!! ^_^

xthecouragex: It's okay man, I haven't had access to internet for a while either. Thanks for the b-day wishes! I enjoy our MSN chats too. :)

Jeremy said...

I haven't seen you on msn :(

Well belated happy birthday lol.

*hugs* :)