Sunday, May 10, 2009

Time Limit's Almost Up

Okay, time limit's almost up.

Every time I come home, I seem to want to be home for a shorter and shorter duration. I mean, seriously, I've only been home since Tuesday and already I want to leave! Parental nagging gets more and more annoying. I would fire off my mouth like my youngest brother, but that would not lead to (good) results. No, best to let the wave hit and pass than fight the wave and be consumed by an even greater fury.

I must say, I am amused that my parents are nagging me about going to China for the month of June. As if I didn't know the proper etiquette and culture (which I DO know most of the "rules"). Seriously, I think perhaps my parents have issues letting go and recognizing that my brothers and I have/are grown up.

And my other brother is taking the MCAT and applying to med schools this summer. And so that round of all too familiar nagging begins - this time towards him and not me. It's interesting watching the exchange, the whole "good cop bad cop" routine. "You should do this!" says dad. "Well, we're not actually asking for that. Do only half that," says mom (and even half whatever is still an undertaking). And the bouncing of dialogue between one another, ganging up - I HATE that. Ugh.

Then they drag me in. "Why don't you help your brother? You've already gone through the process, you know what to do and what not to do. Tell him!" Why, I would love to tell him. But first he must ask me what he wants to know and also be receptive to hearing what I have to say. I also want him to try to wade through things a bit on his own so I'm not guiding his hand through the damned med school application process. It didn't exactly go peachy perfect for me when I went through that process . . .

Okay, enough ranting. Anyway, moral of all this ranting is: home is good for a short duration. But the time limit's almost up and soon I might go insane. Just a couple more weeks until China . . . speaking of which, I should REALLY get to planning what I'm going to do once I land (if for no other reason than to appease my parents and get them off my backs - but they have a good point, they usually do, it's just executed poorly).

A pretty new and still shiny blog! Check out Jeremy at Falling Through the Void. Great guy, great to chat with, even if he's a little shy on asking questions.


Anonymous said...

Hmm, I like Asian guys. Not sure if i'd like their parents, though. lol!

J said...

you do like your questons

mstpbound said...

at least you have an older brother! :( i want one! :/

Aek said...

James: Yes . . . about that. o_O

J: Haha, why yes I do like my questions. :P (And yours.)

mstpbound: Actually, I'm the oldest of 3 brothers. You might've read "other brother" as "older brother."

cvn70 said...


the time at home will go quickly. And you know the routine s ojust sit back watch and enjoy it :)

take care and be safe


Mike said...

Ah, yes, parents. "Help your brother," "Help your sister." Know that story well. "Do this, do that," yes, sounds familiar.