Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Summer Starts Now

Summer starts now.

I'm home now for the summer. Not working this summer; I usually work in a lab for most of the summer, but not this year. I'm taking this summer right before med school easy. I still need to find an apartment and roommate for this next academic year in med school . . . but I think I'll wait until the orientation stuff is available online. Supposedly they'll have a means to contact other incoming med students as well as housing info.

My parents bought me tickets to China!! I'll be leaving May 31st and coming back June 27th. The tickets were "free" due to my dad's frequent flyer miles (I only have about half as many miles as he does, so I could've bought a "free" ticket one-way to China). I'll most likely be staying with a great-uncle and his side of the family while I'm there in Beijing. I don't know them at all, so this'll be interesting. Additionally, JW-M and RZ-F will both be in Beijing during my time there.

I plan to spend a few days with JW-M and a week or so with RZ-F. That leaves about 2 weeks for me to bond (or whatnot) with my family there. I'm so excited! And yet, apprehensive. Same reasons as last time I went - what if my Chinese isn't good enough? This time I'll have to really step up my game, as last time I went with a group of people from school and we had each other's backs. Plus, my Chinese last time was mostly limited to "translation duty," which is easier than maintaining a full conversation in Chinese at length. Also, this time I'll have to find and coordinate correspondences with my roommate-to-be in the fall at med school (so having the internet is a necessity - but this shouldn't be difficult to obtain).

Anyway, other than that, I've no solid idea of what I'll be doing in China. Any suggestions/ideas? I am, however, somewhat bound by who I'm with at any moment.

In other news, my last final grade has been released to my transcript. Stupid biostatistics course - I took your final 2 weeks ago and you JUST post the grades?! Sigh. Whatever, I got an A! This means I got straight A's this last semester in grad school. W00t! Totally 8.000'd that GPA (I think it's out of 9.000 . . . not sure). Pwn. :D

Alas, I somehow managed to gain 15 lbs in the last 3 weeks. Fuck. Time to start running, and eating not. Fail. :(


J said...

find a boufriend to entertain u while youre there

Anonymous Blogger said...

i still have 5 more weeks of school....

Anonymous said...

congratulations - there's something really nice about posting straight A's your final semester - I did it in both grad school and undergrad and even thinking about it now makes me smile in a kind of F-U way lol

have a great time in China! if it was me I would get out to see some tourist sites that you haven't seen before - or maybe arrange for some time in a remote village doing some volunteer work

Anonymous said...

We all choose to wear a mask.

Mine is a lavish one with sequins, pearls, ribbons and feathers.

cvn70 said...


you seem really happy today and good for you on the grades :) No wonder your parents are buying the tickets yea for you!

One thing to do in China is go for a walk and take some pictures to give us a look, maybe like your last walk around your school town
and maybe some cute guys tossed in for fun:P

Make sure you find some time to relax and enjoy your time with with family and family

Hey and stop reading this and get out there and run lol Really good work in school you should be proud.

take care and be safe


Mike said...

Congratulations on the grades!

CHINA! HOW AWESOME! I have no suggestions, but it sounds like you're going to have a lot of fun/freedom to go around and do what you want. I'd make the most and even just go on a random day trip walking, exploring, or something

mstpbound said...

there are only four things to do in china - sightseeing, shopping, eating, sex. barring sex, just go sightseeing, shopping, and eating. :D :D lots and lots of eating! :) :) :) yea yea i know you gained weight. so did i. :/ but being in china always makes me lose weight, so don't care about what you eat there! :) :)

Aek said...

mstpbound: Haha, barring sex. Wait, does this mean you've had hot sweaty man-sex in China before? o_O

Anyway, yeah, I did notice that while I gorged myself while in China, I didn't gain more than 2 lbs. So weird. Maybe there's something in the food, so theoretically if I eat moderately, I should in fact lose weight. Hmmm.