Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Things You Might Miss

We move ever quicker through life; the older we get, the quicker time seems to flow. If we were to slow down, would we know what to do with ourselves? What have you missed and passed by through life? Did you even notice?

The things you might miss, what will you see when you look:
Across the street?


To the Left?

To the Right?

Around the corner?


On your way to work?

In a corner?

On a fire hydrant?

Upon leaving the library?

After getting a quick drink and bite?


Yes, I'm glad I slowed down enough to see the hidden things before my eyes. I will miss this city. Chances are the next time I walk its streets, these scenes will be erased or replaced by others. All the more reason to value these snapshots in time.


naturgesetz said...

There is so much good that we never take the time to see or appreciate. Thanks for reminding us.

Mike said...

WOW. It has been a year and you're off to med school. It is hard to believe!

Those are some cool pics. Lots of street art!!!

Anonymous said...

*is contemplative* :)

cool pics, aek.

Zee said...

Insert random joke about stereotyping Asians and pictures.

Anyway, those are really lovely works of art.

Jeremy said...

Art appreciation is a class at my school lol. I have no idea what it even *might* consist of. How do they give art appreciation exams? hehe.

I linked to your blog (and added you to msn :D)


cvn70 said...


thanks dfor th eview of your city

hope all is well, and you do slow down when you get older, it is better

take care and be safe


Aek said...

Naturgesetz: I don't want life to pass me by, so I'm slowing down while I can. God knows, once in med school, things will just whiz past.

Mike: Yeah, I know right?! I'm finally off to med school! ^_^

James, Zee: Thanks!

Jeremy: Aww, and I will read your blog (soon).

cvn70: I don't know . . . I feel like life speeds up super fast until you're quite middle-aged, then it starts slowing a bit.

ScaredTriumph! said...

I loved the fire hydrant and the "Kiss Don't Kill" :) Beautiful pictures.

And great blog!

Aek said...

ScaredTriumph!: Thanks! I like the fire hydrant too.