Saturday, June 26, 2010

YouTube Time-Sink

Every now and then I tend to browse YouTube. It's a surprisingly effective time-sink. Here are some YouTube vids that I particularly like.

Pink Glove Dance

I think this vid is really cute. I wish my med school did something like this. I especially love the part at about 0:54 minutes - the lone black male researcher in what appears to be a lab of otherwise only women. That's just priceless to me.

JK Divorce Entrance Dance

This is a spoof of sorts in response to this vid. I thought it was pretty hilarious, especially towards the end. :-P

Muse - Time is Running Out

This song has been stuck in my head for . . . weeks. Particularly various string versions of it. Notably, I like the arrangement by The Section Quartet, but the version by Vitamin String Quartet is also pretty good.

Lady Gaga - Greatest

I'm not generally the biggest fan of Lady Gaga, but I do like this song. I think, moreover, I like the lyrics. So if you don't to listen to the song, fine. Just go to the YouTube page for it and read the lyrics under the vid.


Aaron said...

I haven't watched the spoof but that gave me a good laugh out loud on this beautiful Sunday!

drew said...

The pink glove dance is amazing! It's so genuine and touching. Brought a smile to my face, thanks! :)

A Gay Mormon Boy said...

That pink glove dance really brought a smile to my face. It made me want to work in that hospital.

Also, I loved the very end of the divorce video. Nice shot, bridezilla!