Wednesday, October 17, 2007

In Memory

To Kavya V,

I almost can't believe it's been a year since I last saw you, since you were last with us. When I stop to think, it's still all so surreal. I miss you, I think we all do. It was your 21st birthday a few days ago, we should've celebrated. It's sad now, it's like all traces of your existence is being removed: your Facebook profile is gone, your things are gone, your cell probably doesn't work even though I still have a number . . . But you remain in our memories.

I remember this silly moment from freshman year, I don't know if you would've. It was 2am or so, JW-M and I were getting ready to sleep and KF-F knocked on our door, asking to use JW-M's computer and printer. You came in a few minutes later because you hadn't finished your orgo lab report (oh how we bitched and moaned about orgo, but that's where we first met, ironically), so you wanted to look at mine, haha. But since I needed it the next day, I said I'd need it back in the morning. So what did you do? You went back to your room, brought your stuff back, and worked at my desk with my desk lamp on while KF-F worked at JW-M's desk. All the while, JW-M and I were so tired and just slept.

And do you remember studying for genetics? You had procrastinated to just a few days before each exam. So for those 2-3 days, we (SR-F, SP-M, you, and I) would study from right after dinner to midnight. But you must admit, it sometimes got a bit silly, and was sometimes fun.

And all those times I'd come down to your room, sometimes just to say hi. You were so obsessed with Johnny Depp (no offense, but he's kind of creepy to me). You and ML-F, CC-F, and PA-F would sit and watch Lord of the Rings, fawning over Aragorn and Legolas, haha. Sometimes you had some alcohol and you'd offer me some. You were so lively and energetic, even when you said you weren't.

Life's been unfair, no? It shouldn't have been this way. You were supposed to take the MCAT and go to med school like me. You were thinking of being a pediatrician, but that's not possible anymore. AG-F told me that you said when you died, you didn't want people to be sad; you wanted people to celebrate life and have a party. You should know, it's harder said than done. We miss you, but life moves on and we'll carry your memories with us.

In memory of Kavya V.
10/12/1986 to 10/17/2006



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Yeah, it was quite a shock when we found out (I think I'm still a little in shock). So sad. :(

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Very sad.