Monday, October 29, 2007

This Totally Made My Day

And this is also me being Asian . . . and a dork. This happened in the middle of my Chinese class today:

BF-M: ::cell phone goes off, half the class laughs::
ML-F: You dork! Your ring tone's from Bleach*!!
BF-M: How do you know?!
ML-F: Because I'm a dork too.

Bleach* is a really sweet anime (in my opinion). The only other anime I'm watching currently is Naruto Shippuuden.

So yeah, half the class (maybe more) laughed at his ring tone, which was one of the Bleach opening themes. It's "D-tecnolife" by UVERworld. We're so Asian, watching anime and all, haha.

Here's a YouTube clip of the 2nd Bleach opening with D-tecnolife as the theme.

Yup, totally made my day.


Mike said...

I am always so self conscious about my ringtones. I listen to everything. I don't want anything to feminene, that may sound "gay", that may sound like a love song. I usually end up with the Beatles or country singer Gary Allan that sound more or less masculine.

Closet Frat Boy said...

lol totally dorky. Try some rap music. Can't go wrong with that.

Aek said...

Haha, I usually use one of the default ring tones on my cell phone. But 99% of the time it's on vibrate or sometimes silent, so it doesn't even matter. (Alas, I don't like rap music.)