Saturday, October 6, 2007

Well, Crap

So the state of things: crap. I try to refrain from venting/ranting, but sometimes I just have to let it out.

The apartment: is a mess (by my standards). I guess it's not that bad considering 4 guys live in the apartment, but still. We have cardboard boxes in a huge pile that's been sitting near the door since we moved in. Yesterday and today, there was a weird fish-like smell coming from somewhere. I swear it must be AW-M, as he's the only one that eats fish (tuna) in the apartment. I hate tuna, it smells so bad so fast. Anyway, took out the trash while DvF-M Fabreeze'd the whole apartment. It's better now. Oh yeah, it also seems that DvF-M and I are the only ones who take things out of the dishwasher, put them away, and put all the dirty dishes that pile up in the sink into the dishwasher. That's getting really old really fast. The apartment also desperately needs to be vacuumed, as the last time was when we moved in at the beginning of September. Note to roommates: I AM NOT A MAID.

My health: I'm over my cold, for the most part. I've had this lingering residual cough for the last week or so. It's really annoying as it "flares" up at night and early in the morning. I've woken up in the middle of the night twice already hacking my lungs out. That is not fun. And while I've been going to the gym 3x a week with JW-M and JL-M, I can't help but feel like I'm still getting fat. Which really makes no sense, since I can see muscle developing underneath it all, and I don't eat that much (which makes me really hungry at random times), and I tend to eat rather healthy (i.e. I cook most of what I eat, so I know exactly what's going in). In any case, I still need to sleep more.

Social life: is scant. For whatever reason, I'm really out of the loop with all of my groups of friends this year. Somehow, my groups of friends has dwindled to 3 circles from more than 6 freshman year. This is very sad, as we all don't live in the dorms anymore (one of the few things I miss about the dorms) and live scattered on opposing sides of the campus. At least I've made time to see some friends, but it's just a bit weird that it's practically scheduled. Like Friday evenings at SR-F's and JW-F's apartment for dinner and watching the week's Heroes and House afterwards. Great shows those are; I don't watch much TV, but I watch those. I also used to watch Grey's Anatomy but haven't wanted to watch it since the actor who played Preston Burke left the show. That, and the drama's getting a bit ridiculous. Anyway, yeah, seeing friends really only a couple times a week is kind of depressing.

Family life: may be somewhat strained. Usually I don't mind talking to my parents on the phone, but I just can't stand their nagging in person. Now I don't even really want to talk to them on the phone. I know they mean well but it's so annoying. And some of the things they say makes me go "wtf." Like when my dad said my evolution and ecology classes weren't "real" sciences classes - umm, yeah, they are (they may not be "hard" science classes, but they are legitimate science classes). I know I'm getting frustrated and I can sense the rebellion in my voice when I talk, and I don't approve of this. I feel like I just want to be left alone for a while, except that's really just delaying things.

Non-classes: is alright, I guess. Research has started, and again my PCR (polymerase chain reaction, for anyone who's curious) isn't giving me clean results. I suspect contamination from somewhere, which would suck. At least one of my friends, AG-F, is working in the lab right next to me. It's good to have someone in your same "tier" to talk to. Normally I go in, do my research, then leave. But I can actually talk to someone now while doing stuff, and that's cool. She also let me have a mouse to practice a dissection on. The gory details are somewhat interesting (to me). I don't like touching mice when they're alive, as I fear they'll bite me. But once dead, it's like "whatever." I decapitate the mouse, then bisect the head, then scoop out the brains from each side, then I take out the cochlea which is part of the inner ear. This part wasn't so hard. Now, to clean the cochlea of surrounding tissue under a microscope using a tweezer as a blade . . . needless to say, I completely crushed one of the cochleas I extracted. It sounds gruesome, and it is. It's definitely not something I want to be doing often.

Anyway, other non-class stuff. My tutoring-like job has been going well so far (I say tutoring-like because it's not really tutoring, since we're forbidden to give answers to anything). I led a review session for their genetics exam this last Monday. I hope they all did well. Pops Orchestra has been meh as usual (at least it's better than last year ::shudders::). The music is alright, but the cellos sometimes get shafted in that we play like one note with differing rhythms the whole piece. Sometimes I feel like quitting, but since I sit 4th chair, that'd look really really bad. But, String Orchestra is amazing. It's such a close-knit group by comparison, and is really just a chamber strings group. We have an excellent selection of music, which is also pleasantly challenging for all members. It was a good idea for JW-F to come up with and create this group, with some help from SR-F and a tiny bit from me. There's a very intimate feeling when you're playing in an ensemble, like you let your music speak for you as you harmonize with everyone else.

I could do a whole post on music, and perhaps that's what I'll blog about next. Now, I think I'll relax by masturbating or something (see Cody, I'm making time for it, sort of) and then sleep. Ugh, it's almost 3am. How did that happen?