Wednesday, October 3, 2007

The Many Layers

I saw this on ES-M's blog several days ago and thought it was something fun to do. Still crushing hard over him. Alas.

Layer 1: On the Outside
Name: Aek (no real name here, haha)
Birth date: May 21, 1986
Current status: Single. Available. Desperate. S.A.D. (I took this from ES-M's response, cuz it's so great and fitting)
Eye color: dark brown
Hair color: dark brown (for being Chinese, it's not black anymore - it's gotten lighter in the last several years)

Layer 2: On the Inside
My heritage: Chinese-American
My fear: immediate fear - not getting into med school; ultimate fear - dying alone of some uncomfortable/painful terminal illness (or there not being an afterlife, I suppose)
My weakness: chocolate, cheesecake, any good food
My perfect pizza: hmm, chicken with pineapples as toppings

Layer 3: Yesterday, Today, & Tomorrow
First thought upon waking up: hmm, it's only 8:30am, time to hit the snooze button
My bedtime: yesterday - around 2am, today - before 2am but after 1am, tomorrow - hopefully sometime before 1:30am
My most missed memories: randomly getting pizza with JW-M and JL-M after midnight in the dorms throughout freshman year

Layer 4: My Pick
Coke or Pepsi: it changes from time to time, but usually Coke I think
Single or group dates: single dates, I would feel awkward otherwise though I've no experiences one way or the other
Adidas or Nike: Nike I guess
Tea or Nestea: tea, wtf is Nestea?
Chocolate or vanilla: vanilla as flavoring, but I like chocolate itself
Cappuccino or coffee: probably cappuccinos when I can, but I don't drink too often

Layer 5: Do You . . .
Smoke: hell no, that's so nasty
Take a shower: I shower every night right before I sleep, sometimes I shower sometime during the day as well if I had sweat a lot
Go to school: yeah
Believe in yourself: depends, but usually
Think you're a health freak: largely yeah, but that might come as part of the pre-med package

Layer 6: In the Past
Drink alcohol: of course but very infrequently, my limit is somewhere below 12 shots (of tequila) but above 7; I've fairly high tolerance for an Asian I think
Gone to the mall: yeah, but I try to avoid it if possible
Dyed your hair: nope, and don't think I will

Layer 7: Are You Hoping to . . .
Get married: hopefully, I mean I want to someday
Have children: planning on it, I mean I really want kids someday

Layer 8: In a Guy (or Girl)
Best eye color: depends on the person, though I think green eyes are really beautiful
Best hair color: depends on the person
Short or long hair: generally shorter in guys, longer in girls

Layer 9: What Were You Doing Just Now?
A minute ago: writing this on my blog
An hour ago: writing out an outline for my Chinese class in JW-M's apartment
A month ago: umm, stressing out
A year ago: hmm, probably enjoying my junior year fall semester

Layer 10:
I love: life, good food, good friends, good conversations, music, biology, and the list goes on
I hate: war, hypocrisy, idiots, my body (I'm working on it), my voice (a bit high-pitched), and the list goes on
I hide: my emotions, my inner thoughts, many of my opinions

Layer 11: Tag 5 People
I won't subject anyone to this. If after you've read this and decide to waste time on writing your own, I'll be happy to read it. XD

So several of the blogs I read/have read suddenly have restricted access, like Coming Out Nick and Micifus. This makes me really sad. Since I'm a casual blog reader that doesn't usually leave comments and such, I feel awkward emailing/contacting the authors of the blog for access. Plus I don't know how to contact them since that info's generally on their blog somewhere. Sigh, I like their blogs too. At least I resolve that I won't restrict access to my blog.

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