Monday, February 25, 2008

The First Time . . .

. . . I jerked off. This could be an incredibly embarrassing post, but whatever. Put yourself out on a limb, right? At least it'll be entertaining (hopefully).

So the first time wasn't that special for me. It was around Chinese New Year - so late January/early February - when I was somewhere between 11 and 13 (can't remember which year exactly). Must've been 6th grade or so. Anyway, we were calling relatives to wish them a happy new year. And I was idly playing with my erection, rather absentmindedly (and secretly). Several months before this I had "discovered" that the foreskin can be pulled back, and the area underneath can/should be cleaned. So that might've been part of it. Suddenly I felt something, and I thought I was about to pee or something. So I ran to the bathroom.

When I got there, the feeling had subsided and no urine came out. A few slippery drops did; I wasn't sure exactly what it was yet. I did remember thinking, "Hmm, maybe this is semen." Thankfully, the woefully insufficient sex ed curriculum was sufficient enough for this.

A few days later I woke up and was squirming about. I had an erection, as guys are wont to in the morning. I was kind of grinding it about into the bed, but that didn't feel so great. So I turned over and laid on my back, took off my underwear, and just sort of played with the skin - pulling it back and forth over the head with two fingers. That felt good.

Then the feeling started to build up again, and again I thought I was going to pee. But this time I decided to stick it out, because I had "thought" I saw semen before and this might be it. So I kept going. Right before ejaculating, I instinctively grabbed my penis with a full fist and just pulled down towards my body, stretching the skin and making it taut. I may have thrusted a bit into my hand too, don't remember that so well.

I remember closing my eyes and making a little sound (I'm generally really quiet, unless it feels really good - allows me to jerk off in secrecy). Well, a little did spurt out this time. It covered my penis and hand a bit. I took the bit on my fingers and moved it around - it didn't feel like urine. I brought it to my nose - it didn't smell like urine. Well, the logical conclusion was that it was, indeed, semen. It was dark so I didn't examine it with my eyes, but what else could it have been?

After I was sure I was in the clear (dad had gone to work, brothers still asleep, etc), I went to go clean up in the bathroom. And that was that. I felt satisfied and kind of happy about "growing up." I don't think I jerked off for 3-4 days after that thought, mainly because I sort of forgot about it, lol.


Mike said...

I like hearing first time discovery stories.

Aek said...

Haha, thanks. Share your own! Unless you have already and then I must've read it and forgotten . . .