Sunday, February 17, 2008

Inebriated Musings

So, while I'm still (slightly) inebriated, a post!

Some background. I was working on my statement of purpose for public health, then I got stuck and just stared at it for about an hour or so. So I went to JW-M's apartment to talk about our mini-course with him for about 15 minutes. After that, I let SN-F convince me to go out with her and her roommate, RZ-F.

So we go out to this place that has some good food. I forgot that it turned into a bar at night. We went in and had one drink each - the "stoplight." It was okay. Then we went to the place above that bar, which is another bar at night. They got some tequila, I just got something quick to eat.

Then we ended up back at SN-F and RZ-F's place. There RZ-F mixed vodka (35%), blue Curacao (27%), and green apple pucker (15%) in a cup for all of us. That took up about half the cup, and we filled the rest with water. It tasted pretty good. It was also like 3 shots at once.

SN-F got tipsy fast. She's a small person, so that's expected. RZ-F prides herself on needing lots of alcohol to get drunk, though she's never actually gotten drunk yet. Then she felt the tipsy coming onto herself as well. Soon, I felt it too. I had a grand total of about 5-6 shots total tonight. Normally that'd barely affect me. But I actually felt a bit tipsy. Normally, I'd need about 8 shots to get to this same stage. I think my tolerance has decreased from not having "significant" amounts of alcohol in many months.

Now, when I'm tipsy (I've only been truly drunk once), I tend to be quiet (I know, no fun) though I laugh a lot at things. Anyway, SN-F wanted to go hang out with her boyfriend, but we wouldn't let her for fear that she'd get run over by a car as she walked to his apartment. RZ-F proclaimed her love for WW-M, a person in her Chinese class. I met him today. While I don't personally find him attractive, it's clear he's more attractive than me.

Sigh, why does this always happen to me? I always wait just a little too long (or a lot too long) and the person I want to ask out gets taken, in some form or another. The fact that I felt jealous that RZ-F "proclaimed her love" for him while tipsy must mean I have some feelings towards/for her. I'm pretty sure it's not "just because I'm drunk." I suck at this. T.T

I give up (for now). My limbs feel all heavy and such, that delicious inaccurate feeling of tipsy-ness. If I sleep now, it'll be the most wonderful sleep I've had in days or even weeks.

P.S. If there are any glaring spelling/grammar errors, you'll know why and will have to excuse me. Good night!! :P

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