Tuesday, February 12, 2008

No Shoes Please!

One of my pet peeves is wearing shoes indoors. It's always been a taboo thing to do in my house. Shoes come off right at the door. And I never liked wearing shoes for long periods of time anyhow, I'll sometimes take them off and keep them off during a particularly long lecture class. Shoes just track in all sorts of dirt and mud and such, and lots of salt in the winter here. I like being able to walk barefoot in my own house/apartment and know that the ground is more or less clean.

In this respect, my roommate is hopeless. I've already relinquished most of the apartment, so I don't really care anymore if people wear shoes in. I wear flip flops around the apartment because I don't want to walk barefoot or even with just socks on. Except in my room. No shoes are ever allowed in my room.

I just vacuumed the room yesterday. And I repeatedly tell my roommate not to tread in with shoes on. He's usually good about it, unless he's in a hurry/forgot something in the room. Well he just left like 10 minutes ago, but just before he left, he walked in to get something. With shoes on. Did I mention I had just vacuumed the room so it was practically pristine?! Omg, what's wrong with this kid?! I guess I'll have to vacuum again tomorrow, in addition to doing laundry. I hate doing laundry.

In other news, it's so cold here that our water pipes in the kitchen froze. So we were without water in our kitchen this morning. One of my roommates put a space heater right up to the pipes, and they seemed to have thawed. Now we're afraid of turning the faucet all the way off, lest it freezes over again. With windchill, it's still in the negatives.


Mike said...

We wear shoes around my house and it is no big deal. Lately though, we just kick off our shoes at the entrance to the living room from the kitchen.

Now that my parents are designing their dream house and are talking about all the fixtures and carpet, tile, etc. they're having a change of heart. I don't wear shoes in my room, though.

Aek said...

Yeah, but I assume that it's not all muddy and salt-covered where you're at, yes? XD