Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Asian Hotties

. . . lol, did I just say that?

Anyway, David from Some things about me asked me whether or not I like any "hot Asian hotties" as he put it. And you know, perhaps this is contrary, but I'm actually not attracted to the vast majority of Asian guys (different story for Asian women . . . perhaps another post). It's kind of like I don't find most of the guys I see at the gym attractive (don't hurt me). Regardless, with some random mindless internet surfing, I present the following Asian hotties:

Takeshi Kaneshiro
Wow, he speaks English, Mandarin Chinese, Taiwanese, Cantonese, and Japanese.

Angus Guo
I didn't even know his name was Angus. Actually, I didn't even know his Chinese name until today. I only knew him as one of the two cute twins of the Taiwanese band, 2moro.

Bobby Tang
Holy crap he has a hot body. More motivation for me . . . this won't last too long.

Wang Leehom
And how can I leave him out? Not the best pic of him on the web, but hey, he's playing one of my favorite Chinese instruments: the erhu (二胡). And again, he speaks English, Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese, and French. I think he also knows Japanese too. Oh, and he got a perfect score on his SAT and got accepted to Yale and Princeton. Wtf, why does he become more ultimate everytime I look him up? He was almost pre-med too, and most of his family are doctors.

Suddenly I feel my fluency in English and Mandarin Chinese to be inadequate. At least I can pretty much understand Cantonese fluently (if unable to speak it) and I know some Spanish . . . that slips from me little by little every day . . .


dpstam said...

who's this bobby tang??! he's hot!

julian. said...

wang leehom is like sex on legs! i love that boy! and his music. but for me, it will always be jay chou. now that is one hot boy. well, maybe wang leehom is cuter. I don't know! such a dilemma.