Monday, July 21, 2008

My Spoon is Too Big!

So I was washing the dishes, and I came across this fairly large spoon. And it brought back a random memory . . .

While I was still working in the lab, AG-F and I would usually eat in the break room right next to the lab. Sometimes other lab members brought in food, like cake and such. I didn't always have a spoon with me. At times, AG-F and I would scour the break room for plastic utensils. Now, this always seemed to happen whenever someone brings in cake or ice cream to the lab and puts it in the break room (can't actually have food in the lab, that'd be a hazard).

Here's what we've found in the break room before: a chopstick (note the singular), a serving spoon, a salad tosser, an ice cream scooper, and various knives (one was shaped like a mouse . . . our lab is so dorky, seeing as our lab uses mice as a model organism). At various times, we used almost all the above just to eat cake. I distinctly remember us using the large serving spoon on a few occasions. It always elicited a few laughs.

It always saddened AG-F and I to think that our lab is the "head lab" of the human genetics department and we couldn't invest in some plastic silverware, much less real silverware. And that's when I started taking a spoon with me to work, just in case (and also to eat my yogurt).

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Anonymous said...

Did you say shaped like a mouse? ;-)