Thursday, July 31, 2008

Epic Fail

Today was a day of epic failures of most amusing variety.

This first part is actually not amusing at all. My youngest brother has been a pain lately. He has his driver's test in about 2.5 weeks and he's not ready at all. While he's the brightest amongst us brothers, he's also the laziest, most rebellious, and the one with the shortest temper. Not a good combination. Anyway, my dad was dragging him out to practice driving yesterday and apparently he almost got into a car accident twice. Holy crap brother!! He's also taking 2 math courses at a local university this summer. He's definitely smart enough to get a solid A with effort and an A- with some effort. My parents are pissed at him that he didn't do well on his last exam because he never studies at home. He spends most of his time at home either on the computer or napping.

You see, that's perhaps the worst combination in front of my parents. And when my parents get really mad, they seem to lose the ability to distinguish the differences between my brothers and I. So we get collectively punished and almost all equally. Though this is clearly my youngest brother's fault. My parents therefore went into "lock down" mode and are going to reinforce the stupid 11pm sleep curfew with vigor now (though I seem to have escaped it tonight) and they threatened to cut off the internet in our house. This cannot be allowed to pass. Thus I now need to go into "damage control" mode and prevent my brother's laziness and stupid selfishness. The internet belongs to all of us and I'll be damned if my brother further tempts the fury of our parents (because they don't bluff very often).

Now today I was cleaning my room for my cousin's imminent arrival. My room had become quite dusty in my absence while I was at the university. I changed the sheets and such, vacuumed, arranged things to make it looked presentable (and thus, untouchable), etc. And then to my great embarrassment and dismay, I noticed the wall at the head of my bed. Yes, on the wall were cum stains. I do remember instances in the near-distant past of having shot past my head that far, but I was surprised to see some of them reach as high as they did on the wall. In any case, I had to somehow minimize their appearance. Too bad the wall's white. A bit of scrubbing with a wet cloth and I thought I had gotten it. But no, upon the wall drying, they were still there. Maybe they were a bit fainter in appearance. Maybe. So, epic fail.

Now for the most epic fail moment of the day. My dad took my youngest brother to go practice driving. My other brother went to a friend's house to watch a movie. My mom, my cousin, and I went out for a walk. When we come back from our walk around the neighborhood, we find the inner door to our house locked because my cousin locked it as he was the last one to leave. A side note: this "inner door" is the door that leads from our house into the garage. We only close the garage and lock the side door, so the inner door doesn't really ever need to be locked. My cousin didn't know this and locked it anyway.

So my mom called my dad and they came back. But they didn't have the house key to unlock that door. They called my brother, who also didn't have the key on his key chain. So no one had the key. Months earlier my parents took the keys off their normal key chains and gave them to my grandparents who were staying for 2-3 months so they wouldn't get locked out. We never got around to putting the keys back onto their normal key chains with all the other keys.

Now were attempting to break into our own house. My brother tried to lockpick his way. He got two of the three tumblers but couldn't get the last one to unlock. My dad tried to pry the door open in a really kind of odd way. Then my brother took a ladder to a window that we knew was unlocked from the inside. We had issues with the screen. Our parents didn't want us to break the screen, so effectively preventing us from removing the screen and opening the window to get in. Back to my brother lockpicking. And then me trying to pry open the door. Then my dad just used a tool to force the lock to break by turning the doorknob. And with that, the doorknob broke off and we were inside. About probably an hour after this whole ordeal started.

So yeah, that was the most epic fail moment of the day. My brother and I still think it would've been cooler to break in via the window, but whatever. I guess we can destroy a doorknob but not a window screen?

And now, I present to you an amazing picture I found on deviantART:
I found it at this link.

Also, I read up on this blog and have added it to my blog roll:


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Oh, almost forgot. I made a title banner pic! What do you guys think?


Zee said...

Wow, talk about "when it rains it pours." All parents tend to punish in groups which always suck. How did you get the cum stains on the wall? Finally, ouch that key thing must suck. I hope nobody had to go to the bathroom while you were trying to get in.

David said...

most epic fails i've heard of in awhile...

nice banner!

Mike said...


I think we all have those days where everything goes wild and wrong and crazy. It does stir up the mix!

Glad your brother didn't crash. Sounds A LOT like my sister when she started driving. I'm not sure about now- haven't been in the car with her, but she does have her license.

I did notice the banner and like it! It adds color!

Anonymous said...

Love the banner!

Time to put a poster riiiiiiiiiiiight over the head of your bed. Yeah?

WTF? A screen is way easier to replace than a doorknob and damaged door. Weird parents. :p

Hypnos said...

Well, very interesting week or day :)

My parents are sometimes like that cause I act like your brother with the school, but at the last I have straight "A"-s Don't know how and I don't effort so much.

LOL, I have that same images, but opposite at my blog :) Amazing :)

And thanks for the link at that blog. I need as more as I can read, to feel better about my "difference" :)

Hypnos said...

And the banner is nice, but very simple :)