Friday, July 4, 2008

The Stars are Aligning

According to my parents, the stars seem to be aligning for me (I think they're still more than a bit crooked, but whatever). I think it's mostly coincidence.

My mom's like, "It'd be good for you to go to Chicago with your grandparents for a week, as you have nothing to do at home." Then I get my MCW offer right before I leave. The wife of the doctor I shadowed last May called my grandma and asked about me the day after I got that offer. And then news spread to all corners of my family within a day. Things sometimes tend to happen like this for me, when everything - good or bad - is clustered within the timespan of a few days. But again, I think this is all quite coincidental.

Now, I'll know the stars and planets have aligned for me when I get into med school for this coming fall, I somehow get a girl-/boyfriend, and I lose 20 lbs. All events not likely until probably at least September.

Didn't do much today, I wish people did more fireworks and such. Saw the movie Hancock with my brothers. It was good! I liked it and it was quite entertaining. Not what I'd call an artistic masterpiece or anything, but well worth watching. Movies I still want to watch (hopefully this summer): Wall-e, Wanted, Get Smart, and when it comes out, The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor (I don't care if it turns out to be lame, I still want to watch it).

I'll be in Chicago from July 5th until July 12th. Although I'll have my laptop with me - so I can contact the director of admissions at MCW about the details of his offer - I probably won't post until I get back. So until then, happy July 4th!!


Mr. X said...

i really want to see wall-e!
have fun on your trip
and happy 4th of july! :)

j said...

wall-e changed my life.

congrats on the offer. sadly, i have fallen off the med-school destined bandwagon. =/

Aek said...

mr. x: Thanks!

j: Damn, you make me almost regret seeing Hancock and not seeing Wall-e. But mark my words, I shall see that movie . . . eventually. Med school destined bandwagon, eh. It's not for everyone, and I almost thought it wasn't for me. I suppose no one but you can choose your destiny.

Anonymous said...

I SO wanna see Get Smart, I think what's his face will be just the right guy, too. And the Mummy movies aren't ever same...just pure, good action. Anyone who's looking for anything else is stupid...and you can tell them I said so. :P

Speaking of your life, as V says, there are no "coincidences." I don't know about planets lining up, but things like this do not merely happen. :)