Friday, April 24, 2009

And Now, Exhaustion Sets In

Today was my last final exam - cancer epidemiology. Last night, in the span of about 5 hours, I had to learn about 11 cancers: hematopoietic (leukemia, lymphoma), bladder, liver, breast, endometrial, testicular, prostate, lung, colorectal, esophageal, and pancreatic.

Some random factoids:

1. Pancreatic, lung, and liver are perhaps the worst to get (of the ones in the list above). Such low survival rates. :(

2. Being Asian is protective against like all cancer except esophageal (potentially genetic, related to the reason why many Asians turn red when they drink) and liver (and really, for liver that's only because Southeast Asia has a high prevalence of Hepatitis B and C - gotta get them vaccines!).

3. Testicular cancer is really really weird. o_O Seriously, freaky.

And now, exhaustion sets in. Also, I'm more or less done with grad school here. Off to med school in late July/early August!! Still not sure if I'm going to complete my MPH, eventually.

I'd like to welcome back Zee at Where I Stand.

At the same time, I'd like to say a fond farewell to Matt at Brass Matt. I, for one, will miss reading your blog. :(

Lastly, does anyone know what happened to Fiction Writer's blog at Writing Fiction? It's gone now . . . not even a goodbye. :(


Anonymous said...

*rubs shoulders* :)

charlie said...

Are you on vacation then? :) I hope that you will have some time to relax after all your work!

Hypnos said...

Great job with your exams... Now you can relax and enjoy some spare time :)

Mike said...

Grad school.... have I known you this long?! WOW!!! Time flies!!

cvn70 said...


congrats on finishong part of your educational journey and i wish you the best with the rest of it

take care and be safe


mstpbound said...

oh my god. did you really do all of the leukemias and lymphomas? i just had to do them yesterday!! wth you will be so prepared for med school! I was like ALL, AML, CML, CLL, SLL, mantle cell lymphoma, follicular cell lymphoma, diffuse B cell lymphoma, MALT lymphoma, Hodgkin's lymphoma etc etc, death! AND, that's not even mentioning the subclassifications (remember AML M0, M1, M2, M3, until M7?, or Hodgkin's nodular sclerosing vs lymphocyte proliferative vs lymphocyte depleted, etc) and the translocations (eg, 8:14 for burkitt's lymphoma) and the tumor cell markers (CD 15+, CD30+, CD 20-, CD 10-? i think? for hodgkin's) How can you have learned this already! NO FAIR! >.<

Aek said...

charlie: Not quite yet. I still have to proctor an exam (tomorrow) and I have research until the end of this week.

Hypnos: Oh I intend on relaxing, thanks. :P

Mike: Yup, tis true.

cvn70: Thanks!

mstpbound: Lol, dude, we didn't get that detailed. This is *cough* public health after all. While I recognize (almost) everything you said, I didn't actually have to know details on them. So I have a TON of learning to do still. (Let there be no illusions, I am quasi-not prepared for med school, but whatever.)