Thursday, April 9, 2009

I Refuse This Dark Mojo

There seems to be some kind of "dark mojo" going around the blogosphere. Bloggers are breaking up left and right, getting depressed, becoming over-stressed, and just all-around down. While I too have plenty that can bring me down, I will have none of it! I refuse this dark mojo, I refused to be brought down. Instead, I shall report on some things that may (or may not) tickle your fancy.

So when I was young, I used to talk to myself. A lot. My mom told me to stop because it'd make me look like a madman later, so I did stop. Sometimes I still mumble out loud to no one in particular when I'm trying to figure out a difficult problem.

Recently I've begun talking to inanimate objects. For example, over Spring Break when I was on the China trip, DY-M noticed that I addressed inanimate objects fairly often and my voice raised ever so slightly when I did. For instance, I would say something like, "Hello dragonfruit, I'm going to eat you now" or "Hello bathroom, I'm going to use you now." He thought it was a little weird at first but just chalked it up to my personality, and then he just chuckled inside whenever I did it (I would personally give me the o_O face). When I talked to JW-M briefly, he found that habit to be new and strange, lol. Note to self: suppress self.

One of the blogs I follow, MSTP Bound, had the most hilarious post today. I thought he was embellishing the translation at first, but when I read the original Chinese, his translation was pretty spot on! And thus, hilarity ensues. Read that particular post here. ^_^

Other things of note, two blogs have returned!! I'd like to welcome back:

Happy to be in my skin
Life of one gay/bi boy

Go over and say hi! :D


Seth said...

Yah it seems like a really big "slump" period in blog-land.
Hopefully things will get better soon. :(

Anonymous said...

Aek, come over to the dark side of the force! Evil and depression and immense power are here! :P

My apologies for being at least one source of the source of depression.

Hypnos said...
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Hypnos said...

First thanks for promoting my blog, yes, I`back for sure and I started again reading all other blogs...

What should I say about this self-talking stuff. I do it too sometimes, but only when I'm joking :)

mstpbound said...

you are still a virgin!! what!! come over, my bf and i will fix that in a hurry :D also, if you can pre-cum from a plug inside you, you are a bottom-whore in the making (in the best way possible) ;)

Aek said...

James: I cannot afford to go over to the dark side. I need to lose 10 lbs fast (cuz apparently, that's what happens when I stop working out). And I have finals next week.

Hypnos: I'm glad you're back!! :D

mstpbound: I'm amused that you're willing to "fix" this for me, but I think your bf would impale me (and not in a pleasurable way). I'm also uncertain to being called a bottom-whore in the making. o_O

Mike said...

Girl problems to circumcision... I see where you get it from!!!!

Aek said...

Mike: I don't follow your logic . . . what're you talking about? o_O