Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Only Trying to Help

Things (paraphrased) I've said earlier today to help out a friend . . .

"Look! It's leaking out!! You've got to clean that. Suck it up! Stop squeezing it, the more you squeeze it the more it comes out. Now you've got to suck it clean. Gah! Just stop squeezing it and suck up what's out already."

I said this in a coffee shop to my friend. Her coffee was too full and the foam was coming out of the hole in the lid. It was getting over the counter and she needed to clean it up.

What did you think I was talking about? ;-)

Apparently, she's purging this convo from her mind. XD
2 final exams down, 1 final paper/project due tomorrow and 1 final exam to go on Friday. If only I had seen that last page on my biostatistics final this morning before I turned it in. Well there goes 8 points out of 65. Fuck. Maybe people will do poorly and keep the average down, so I can still get an A-/A in the class. If I get a B+ or lower, then I'll know exactly where things went wrong.


Mike said...

Finals? Already? Wow. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

If you were on a quarter system you'd still have 6 weeks left in the quarter to study. That's how it works, right? :P

Anyway, about the conversation: XD.

E said...

Yeah, I hope everyone bombs it and you get an A+. Good luck with the remainder of the semester. I know the (very tantalizing) end is in sight!