Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Farewell Feasts

Now that exams are over, my friends and I are well into commencing what I'd like to call the "farewell feasts." Basically, we spend the last remaining week or so we have together eating out at places that we all like, or eating at places we've never tried before (at least, not together as a group). Yes, we gorge ourselves and our pocketbooks suffer, but hey, it only happens once a year.

It started last week, when AG-F and her genetic counseling (GC) classmates went to go eat at this Japanese steakhouse. SR-F and I were also invited. In fact, AG-F's classmates have made me an "honorary genetic counselor." I'm pretty honored. ^_^ Anyway, half of the GC students brought their boyfriends/fiances (all the GC students are female) and that was cute. The food was pretty good at the steakhouse and we sat at the grill, where a chef cooked our food right in front of us. He did some fancy knifework, though he didn't nail every single technique (at one point, I thought the giant fork thing would fly out of his hand and impale my head against the chair).

Suffice to say, I've eaten WAY too much since last Friday. My stomach hurts after almost every meal that I eat with friends. As an additional consequence, I've gained like 5-7 lbs in the last 2-3 weeks. >.< And my free membership to the university gyms (that all students get) expires in 2 days because I'm no longer taking classes. Sigh, I need to find some good non-weights workouts. Anyone have any suggestions? I also need to really step up my cardio - I feel so unhealthy and weak right now.

Furthermore, I still need to pack to go home. Haven't started yet . . . I would pack, but I'm still working in my lab until Friday. And I don't have that much time at night because that's the time I'm spending out with friends. o_O

Bob M (cvn70) has started a blog, Riding the Wave.

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cvn70 said...


Went to a japaneese steak house myself a couple of weeks ago and the chef did get carried away with some of his culinary skills when he missed catching the spatchular he was using lol

But the food was good and would suggest the experience to anyone

thanks for the plug it means a lot to me, take care and be safe


Hypnos said...

Ride a bike or run and you'll see that you will lose weight in days, but ride/run (it) more than 4-5 hours a day. Now you have time! :)

If you need some workouts, IM me on MSN, I have a few and I know a few tricks... :)

And don't eat so much! Be measurable/tempered/conservative... I don't know how to tell you in English, but I think that you understand :)

Hypnos said...

Ok, you can ride bike for 5 hours, not run :) I notice mistake when i read my comment again

Aek said...

cvn70: No problem! :)

Hypnos: Wow, 4-5 hours/day. That's A LOT. I wonder if I'll be able to keep that up. It's also been a LONG time since I last biked. I'll have to IM you and see what tricks you have. ;-) That is, if we could ever get ourselves online at the same time.