Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Randy Sighting

So Randy IM'd me briefly on MSN tonight. He's given me permission to divulge his current location because he's moving on to his next destination tomorrow or the next day. He's currently been sighted in Ontario, Canada. Where exactly in that massive province I'm not sure (I'm not sure he's entirely sure either).

That's pretty much it. This was a pretty short and random post.

Oh, I discovered that 2 of my professors are apparently pretty hardcore creationists. Ugh, as long as they don't let that influence what they teach . . . Med school just gets weirder with all these strange egos.

Lastly, check out Ben & Jerry's support of gay marriage in Vermont by introducing a new flavor called Hubby Hubby. That seems really nifty. :D

Alright, sleep time.


cvn70 said...


thanks for the Randy update and well s long they dont preach it it shoul be ok

take care and be safe


Dave83201 said...

Hmmm... So they have gay ice-cream? I'm willing to taste, as long as I don't have to swallow. ;)

Oh and we'll have to figure out a time to chat soon... You are the wind beneath my wings bubbala.

Aek said...

Hehe, I'm online all the time at night (I just don't stay up as late as I used to, with early class and all). But yeah, any time between 5pm and 1am and I should be online, though I think you're 1-2 time zones behind me.

What does "bubbala" mean? o_O