Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I Don't Eat Organ Meat

Today several of us walked over to the hospital cafeteria to buy lunch, because we get a 10% discount with our med student ID cards. The med school and several hospitals are connected via skywalks, tunnels, and hallways. So it took us about 15 minutes to get to the cafeteria utilizing 2 stairwells and several halls.

We get to the cafeteria and are checking out the food and the lines, debating what to get. And the following conversation occurred:

Me: Oh, grilled beef liver. Interesting.
Aiden: I don't eat organ meat.
Me: o_O? Umm, all meat is organ meat.
Some doctor in line: *stifles a laugh*
Aiden: Shut up! You know what I mean.
Me: But all meat is organ meat. Muscle is an organ!
Some doctor in line: *laughs while looking away*
Me: Seriously! You're eating organ meat anyway if you eat meat at all.
Some doctor in line: *continues laughing*
Aiden (to me): You're an ass.

I thought it was pretty amusing. :-)
Apparently my anatomy lab group is "infamous" in the other lab. The anatomy labs are divided into two huge rooms by an "inner lab" between them. Today people from the other lab came by because they heard our group was able to nicely dissect out the chorda tympani, lingual nerve, and inferior alveolar nerve on the right jaw. We dissected out so many things today (well, people in my group, not me - I didn't cut the body at all today, just poked around in it), I feel so accomplished. Too bad that gave me motivation not to study after I came home after classes.

Anyway, I <3 my anatomy lab group.


Anonymous said...

haha upon reading the conversation, it did actually make me LOL.

Are muscles not tissue, rather than organs? (or is that just me?)

Interesting post today anyway :)

Mr. HCI said...

I hated liver and kidneys as a child and dreaded my parents cooking them. As an adult, it occurred to me that they're essentially filters, yes? I would think eating something that filters out bad stuff would not be a very good thing to do.

Anonymous said...

I suppose sweetbreads are totally out of the question

Pilgrim said...

I love liver, esp. calf or beef liver, even raw, but only little pieces, the rest is also grilled. Btw., where is the "Chordae tympani"? I got lost s/where in your dissection. Propz Pilgrim

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you were in my territory. I wish I could get a good look at a cadaver where the head and neck are involved.

Dave83201 said...

Funny folks you doctors! LOL! I've heard some organ meat is more fun to eat than others... tee-hee!

Thanks for the email... we'll talk about it soon.

I wish I were there to accost you with a huge hug. No particular reason for the hug, other than you're freaking awesome, and I have a "thing" for guys in white lab coats.

Aek said...

[P.t]: I've always considered skeletal muscle an organ system. Muscles are tissue as well, but my point stands. :P

Mr. HCI: The kidneys are essentially filters. The liver, however, does much more. It's the seat of almost all metabolism and detoxing. So a lot of gross/dangerous/poisonous stuff goes through the liver and gets turned into harmless things (hopefully). Yeah, liver is kind of gross to eat.

Pilgrim: I misspelled it, it's chorda tympani, not chordae. Anyway it's a branch of the facial nerve (cranial nerve VII) that extends down near where the mandible interfaces with the skull.

James: Lol, it's pretty gruesome though. Especially when the entire head is bisected and the calvaria (skullcap) and brain are removed. o_O

Dave83201: Lol, you're so cute. XD I look forward to talking about the email (well, anything really)!! I accept your hug. *Blushes* *Hugs you back!*

Jason Carwin said...

Having a good anatomy group must be a godsend. You are so lucky.

Tyler said...


muscles an organ!!? cool

Thirty3 Naked Laydies said...

Have enjoyed reading your blog. This particular entry made me smile, chuckle, grin. Thank you for sharing.