Friday, September 4, 2009

The Sensitive Soul

I took this "What type of med student are you?" quiz on Facebook. My result: "the sensitive soul." In an odd way I'd say that's accurate though I would've never pegged myself as such a few years ago. The source of the quiz comes from this comic below (please click on it to enlarge and absorb the full hilarity):
My roommate got: "the questionable admission." I'm sorry to say but sometimes I feel that's an accurate description for him - not that he can't do the work (he definitely can) but that he doesn't care about medicine as much.

Another hilarious comic is the "12 Medical Specialties Stereotypes." I particularly like the ones for dermatology, ob/gyn, and radiation oncology. See here below (again click to enlarge):

Both of the comics above come from scutmonkey, who's also the author of the blog the underwear drawer.

Anyway, studying is going along alright. I had a mock anatomy lab practical exam last night. Nothing like spending an hour with about 100 of your peers staring at dead bodies in the night. I kid. I got 43/50 right, which isn't bad. I'm having trouble distinguishing arteries from nerves in some parts of the body (shut up, they all look the same in a cadaver - white and stringy - that probably sounded bad). It kind of sucks that we're not allowed to touch the bodies during the exam, as that's how many of us can definitively distinguish some things from others. Ah well, spending more time in the lab today with my group to get that sorted out (hopefully). People are beginning to freak out, maybe I should study more . . .

Oh, M4 Guy will no longer be helping us in anatomy lab. He's now doing his next rotation in I don't know what. Le sigh. :-(


Anonymous said...

FWIW - I am thoroughly enjoying your descriptions of life in medical school. Almost like I am a vicarious med school student without all the work and all the headaches.... please continue! and again, I must reiterate, would you hurry up and become a doctor already? some of us older bloggers aren't getting any younger!

Fer said...

Hey Aek calm down, you´re beginning to listen voices, you should take it easy, every time we talk you´re studying, need to go out a little, you most make the most of your classes but don´t over do it, take a class free day and enjoy your life.

Take it easy boy.


Anonymous said...

The gross practicals are the worst. I'll never forget a probe pointing into space with the direction "Name whatever it was that should have been here (if the anatomy team hadn't destroyed it during dissection) and what would happen if it were cut. Then name what is three levels underneath and what would happen if it were cut." The relief at passing gross anatomy was incredible for everyone in the class. That party was something else.

Remember, the equation to graduate is simple: C = MD. And what do you call the lowest ranked graduate in a medical school class? Doctor.

Anonymous said...

BTW, if no one noticed, hung it up. Very very sad to lose him.

Jeremy said...

*also got the sensitive soul*

Aek said...

goleftatthefork: Hehe, I'm glad you're enjoying my med school tales. But I can only progress so quickly, and besides, who said I was going into geriatrics? ;-)

Fer: Lol, I'll take it easy next weekend after the exams. :P

Anonymous: I don't think the anatomy practicals here are that bad. Certainly they're not done the way you described, as they only tag structures that are clear (though "clear" is open to interpretation).

And I had wanted to read that blog, but it's too late now. :(

Jason Carwin said...

I liked this post. I liked the cartoons a lot. They were funny. That's cool that you are the sensitive soul. I feel like those are the best doctors.

tracy said...

Aek, i love that you are the "Sensitive Soul"....i am "The Crier", yep, that fits! i love those cartoons, they're great! Thank you for the Medical Skool stories, especially for those of us who wish we could "turn back time".....sniff. ("Crier").