Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Love & Hate

To refresh, M1 Guy and M4 Guy are from this post. Cute Girl is from this post. I haven't decided if I'm going to "codify" them (I suspect they'll be recurrent characters here) or just leave them with the designation M1 Guy, M4 Guy, and Cute Girl. For the purposes of this post I will though.

A refresher: M1 Guy is slightly taller than me, blond, blue eyes, cute smile, nice body, really nice persona, and wears glasses that makes him adorable in a slightly dorky kind of way. Apparently he's living with his girlfriend. Dang.

M4 Guy is (again) slightly taller than me, short curly black hair, beautiful blue-hazel eyes, wears glasses, a really cute smile, a deep voice that I can listen to all day, and is really really helpful and nice in anatomy lab. The following below will mostly focus on M4 Guy.

Cute Girl is shorter than me by a few inches, long wavy brunette, tan skin, and has a really cute and bubbly persona.

So it seems that all 3 girls in my lab group have a major crush on M4 Guy. He came over to see what we were doing today and he helped us identify structures (mostly muscles) of the forearm and tendons of the wrist. He stood next to me and I must say, he smelled soooo good in the formaldehyde-infused air. I was covertly breathing deeply next to him. All the girls broke into smile and lit up at his presence (I don't blame them).

This other girl from another group had come by to see what was going on. She kept putting her hands in our cadaver's arm to help identify/find structures, and Cute Girl had to resist the temptation to swat her away so that only M4 Guy may probe the muscles. When M4 Guy left, all the girls pronounced their crush on him, especially Cute Girl - she gets all giddy. One of the girls has a boyfriend, and she tells him about M4 Guy all the time.

I admit, I do have a man-crush on M4 Guy. Like the girls (though more secretly) I scan the room occasionally to see if he's around. He emailed us his notes from when he took anatomy 3 years ago, and he linked us to a site with demonstrations of live dissections (not to be confused with vivisection) where the anatomists explain how to dissect and point out important things along the way. How nice is that?!

Okay, I think I hate my genetics course now. It transitioned from biochem pretending to be genetics, to "real" genetics (which, although grossly oversimplified, was much appreciated), to now embryology. That's not "really" genetics again, ugh. Why is this class even called genetics?!

Whatever, more annoying, we had a genetics quiz this morning and there is a particular question that many of us felt had two correct answers and/or was a bad question to begin with, because it required knowledge of material outside the lecture notes. I emailed the lecturer who wrote the question to challenge its validity. His email reply was very curt and didn't acknowledge my efforts. I don't appreciate that - he could have at least acknowledge that I had a point (and I knew my explanations were fairly solid, I had researched things briefly to make sure I wasn't completely off base). His reply basically boiled down to "because I said so." Ugh.

Must not make enemies with the faculty . . . I mean, I did fine on the quiz so I guess I shouldn't complain much. I only got 2 (out of 18) wrong, and one of them was a stupid error on my part. But this other question - it's going to draw the ire of many students I think.


Pilgrim said...

Seems, as if your genetics class is a euphemism. Propz Pilgrim

Anonymous said...

Yeah, don't piss off the faculty. That never helps one's career.

Anonymous said...

"because I said so." Ugh.

I have the same reaction.

Hot and thoughtful, interesting...

cvn70 said...


Yea for man crush, i hope he comes over more often, and professors are like everyone ele some of them are assholes but we got to live with them

take care and be safe