Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Last Day of Classes!

I thought this day would never come. The semester dragged on and on until Thanksgiving, then suddenly it's all over now.

I went to work (research) today. I won't go into the details here, but my experiment epic failed on me and I lost 3 hours of my life. I want them back. I did nothing wrong! Stupid buffer. This exemplifies why I hate research sometimes.

I got my anti-pharmacy grade back from the exam I took last night. 24/28, the mean was 22.9/28. Not bad considering I studied for less than 2 days. This'll probably end up as a B+ or A-, or maybe an A if I'm really lucky. So as long as I don't get lower than an A- on the final, I should get an A of some sort in this class. Oddly, I don't find myself caring much.

It rained today, which sucked. It melted most of the snow. As much as I hate the cold, I hate cold icy rain even more. I would take the snow over icy rain any day.

A clothing store in town was going out of business. So I went with SR-F and we each bought a T-shirt for $4.22. That's a pretty damn good deal. It took me FOREVER to find a medium-size shirt; most were L, XL, or XXL. I mean, honestly, an XXL can almost fit two of me.

JW-M sent me an email today with the subject line as "oh yes, they do exist." Refer to the pic below:
This was in Xi'an. Those are the "famous" biang biang noodles. Notice how ridiculous the first two characters are (the two large characters on the left and middle)! I mean, "biang" isn't even a legal pronounciation in Mandarin! Anyway, the old Asian man icon thing is pretty badass, as well as that super-char composed of very common component-chars.


Anonymous said...

I wear an XXL. -.-

I love the character! Lol, awesome. What other symbol can boast so many strokes?

charlie said...

Not bad with the exams! Have a nice vacation! i think we all need and deserve it :)

By the way, the two first big characters make me thing of snails :D what does it mean?

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you are done with classes. All I have is one more final and a project for another class due next week.

I took my books back because I needed money. And now I feel like I'm dirty and have been raped. Spent almost $400 on books and got back $37!!! The two most expensive books I bought the book store has already met its quota (so they can be greedy and sell the books new for more money). I seriously feel like I need a shower now. lol

And congrats on the exam grade, you should be proud of yourself.


Aek said...

James: Awww, poor James. There are tons of XXL shirts, you'd be able to find one much easier than me.

Go to this:

Apparently one of the most complex chars is "zhe" meaning "verbose," but it's the traditional character for "dragon" in a 2x2.

Charlie: I don't really know what that character means, but they don't mean snails, haha. Go to the Wikipedia link that I have above.

XTheCourageX: I NEVER sell my books back to the store. Sell them on or other similar online site. You can usually get back at least 50% of what you paid originally. Also, buying books from sellers there is much cheaper than buying them at the bookstore. It's an art-form, really - the art of selling and buying books. :P

Good luck on your project!!

E said...

There is something divinely satisfying about ending the semester with great grades after dealing with difficult classes. Its like falling in love each time you see the 'A' shining brightly on your transcript.

Joshua said...

Wtf how would you write that?!?! It has like 60 strokes! Sometimes I wish it would snow in Irvine, but it never does, and it never will. :(

Aek said...

Joshua: It's actually not very difficult to write. As you (should) know, there's a general rule as to how to write characters. And since there aren't any unusual/uncommon strokes to be made in that character, it's pretty straight-forward. Snow is overrated sometimes.