Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving Thoughts

A belated Thanksgiving thought. I went to bed a couple nights ago with a random smile, as I thought of how my grandpa will be 80 in about 3 months and how he's still so ridiculously healthy (no medication of any kind). I'm thankful that he's in amazing health, that he wakes up with a smile almost every day, that he's still enjoying what life has to offer.

In a different vein, I'm thankful for all the e-friends I've made through this blog. I'm thankful for the (seemingly) handful of readers that come my way. While it hasn't felt like I've changed much or grown since I started this blog, I know that to be false. The bigger question is, what's the next step?

I want to make a massive overture to a particular subject that I'm thankful for. Those with access to it probably don't think much on it, but rather, just expect it. My next post, the one on this, may be a while from now. I'm considering taking a mini-hiatus for a week or so (somehow I don't think I'll be misssed) to finish my term paper and study for my 4-5 exams. In the mean time, I hope these random thoughts below amuse you.

1. So, for the last few days, I kept thinking I had an appointment with my adviser at 2pm tomorrow (Monday, Dec. 1). But I knew that I'd have to miss my pathophysiology lecture about 30 minutes early, and that's my favorite class. I agreed, and she was meeting with all her advisees at once I think, somewhere on the 6th floor. I realize now that it was all a dream. There is no appointment meeting. Now I wonder how much of my other scheduling events are the result of a dream. Hmmm.

2. I had a dream last night where I was traveling to Beijing, China. My dad was with me for some reason. We drove to the airport, where we got on a plane but we had to transfer to another plane for some reason in Chicago or something. My dad got in a fight with the pilot and was then handcuffed to his seat. So we're on this plane to San Francisco (my dad handcuffed to his seat), where we stop before arriving in Beijing. For some reason I was really anxious and/or apprehensive about flying, which I rarely am. There were storms expected ahead and I wasn't sure if the pilot was going to attempt to fly through them or go around. Anyway, I woke up mid-dream and I tried forcing myself back to sleep to finish the dream. I hate waking up mid-dream. Anyone else do that?

3. Some Lolcats pics. From this site, of course.

I love this site, haha. It's the most addicting distraction I've come across in a while. My friend and I just kept sending each other links for about an hour.

4. Last, but not least, I'd like to introduce (who haven't come across it yet) the blog Equal Eight. It's rather hilarious, so go over and say hi! :D


naturgesetz said...

By all means, study and write your paper. We'll be waiting for your return.

Thanks for the kitty pix. I suppose you've seen the one where the big cat has a rather startled looking smaller cat in a headlock from behind, and the caption reads, "Send the monies or else!"

Brent said...

I hope it's not a long time till your next poxt, I really enjoy them!!

Anonymous said...

That's a terrible dream. :( I think it's a sign, you should travel to California and stay. :D

charlie said...

My grand-ma is also turning 80 in january! :) and is in the same athletic shape. I hope we'll be the same at their age! Hurray for the healthy grand parents! The funny thing is, that she has not a healthy behavious at all, she drinks all the time and fries everything in liters of butter! Maybe it's the secret...

The dream thing happen to me all the time, it often seems so true that I don't realise the transition to the "real life" and then think that I really had a dreamt conversation, or that something really happened etc. Human brain is really a strange thing! And I also hate to wake up mid-dream, especially if I'm having a nice time :)

All the best for the exams!