Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Winter Break!!

ZOMG, I'm done with exams and Winter Break has finally arrived for me. I don't even care what I get on those exam, haha. Now that I'm home, it's going to be a pretty chill break with me not going anywhere really. This break I hope/plan to (in no real particular order of importance):
  • hang out/catch up with a few friends in town
  • catch up on several blogs and link them
  • sort my blog list
  • sort my pics on my laptop
  • sort my music on my laptop
  • sort my bookmarks on my internet browser (I've way too many bookmarks)
  • watch TV shows, anime, and movies I have on my USB
  • watch, sort, and delete porn off my laptop (too much that's just there and that I don't watch)
  • finish reading The Spanish Bow by Andromeda Romano-Lax
  • read The Life of Pi by Yann Martel
  • watch all of the Planet Earth series on DVD
  • draw the pic "commissioned" by my friend, SA-F (like 2 years ago, lol)
  • draw the pic "commissioned" by Hish of Minding the Heart
  • draw the pic(s) "commissioned" by James of Just me
  • play my piano
  • master DDR (or at least get to 5-feet/5-star solidly)
  • finish the game story plot for the Neverwinter Nights module my friend JW-M and I are making
  • write 2 chapters of my story (I'm not the only blogger out there writing a book, though this story's not meant to be a published book)
  • do my "homework" for public health (I know, right?!) and other online "errands"
  • come up with a workout plan and "diet" that I'd actually follow next semester (and hopefully lose 20 lbs - I only went to the gym like 4 times between Thanksgiving and now)
I think that's about it . . . If I can get through all that it'd be pretty amazing, honestly. And now, some Lolcat. :D


Anonymous said...

Yay! You mentioned me! ^_^ If I were there I'd DDR with you until we both dropped. Which means I'd probably be passed out on the floor a full hour before you were done. :S

Anyways, you can do it! That's enough to handle in that amount of time. That's what I do during break, sort out and get done all the piddly stuff, see a few movies, put my life back in order and relax.

naturgesetz said...

Sounds like some good plans. Nice change of pace.

That cat picture is hilarious.

Mike said...

Sounds like we share a lot of the same plans... mine is to read a book, sort stuff on my computer, back stuff up on my computer, go to the gym, things like that. I will at least feel better that I'm getting organized!

Joshua said...

Your plans seem more fun than mine:

1. Clean and paint room.
2. Move computer into room. Check.
3. Go hiking.
4. Do anything that comes to mind.