Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Must Be Productive . . .

So . . . I had my epidemiology final today. It was EPIC. Epic in the sense that it was literally impossible to finish. I guess the 2nd-years weren't joking when they told us that, haha.

Here's the breakdown of the exam. 2 hours. Open notes/resources (as long as it's not with another person or utilizes technology). 30 questions. Each question has its own page. Most questions had multiple parts to them.

I got through like, 2/3 of all the questions (so I finished like 20 questions). I skipped most of the questions I didn't answer not because I couldn't (eventually) figure them out, but rather because they take a long time to figure out how to do. When time was called, I just drew smiley faces on those pages I didn't answer. At least there's (hopefully) going to be a MASSIVE curve, because very few people (if any) actually finished that exam.

It's snowing hardcore outside and I'm procrastinating. I have one more exam to go - pathophysiology - tomorrow. I figure, I might as well post and get some of the procrastination out of my system.

And here's an entertaining YouTube vid: Tetris with lyrics.

Enjoy. Now I'm off to study the nervous system, skin, muscle, gastrointestinal tract, and liver for tomorrow.


E said...

Man, I used to have Chem labs like that. 20 page finals, each question one page about protein titration and crap like that....made me want to change my major.

Joshua said...

Woah that guy is freaky looking. But I'm sure you still did well on your exam, 20/30 questions is still really good (assuming there's a curve)!!

Anonymous said...

I've never had an exam so impossible? Is that common in your field? It seems very unfair and mean. :-/

On a bright note, I LOVE the video, lol!

Aek said...

E: Yeah . . . the outcome of this final will determine whether or not I complete my MPH or just go on to get an MD instead of an MD/MPH.

Joshua: Haha, the guy is a little freaky, no? 20/30 is only good IF I did well on all the questions.

James: I think he gave us that exam just to freak us out. I don't think (or at least hope) he'll grade harshly.