Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2009 Resolutions

It's that time of the year where we all commit ourselves to the "honored tradition" of declaring our resolutions for the year, and pray to God we keep or meet them. I sincerely hope I achieve all of mine. Many of them are on-going ones that'll probably carry over until next year and years after.

2009 is a year of change, not only for the US and the world, but also for me. A lot of things will be changing this year. I intend on taking it all in stride. My 10 resolutions for 2009 are:

1. Lose 20-25 lbs from my lowest weight in 2008. It should only take me 2 weeks or so to get back down to that 2008 weight from what I currently weigh (though I'm not sure I want to know). Hopefully I can go to the gym (almost) every weekday. If I can lose 10-15 lbs by Spring Break (end of February) that'd be ideal, but I want to lose all the weight by August and maintain my weight thereafter. Any tips and/or suggestions?

2. Update my wardrobe. I've been wearing most of my clothes since the beginning of undergrad. I've lost weight since freshman year of undergrad, so I went from an XL to a L and now to somewhere between an M and L (shirt size). A lot of my clothes are loose on me, so I need to get new clothes. The problem is that I hate shopping and I don't know what's fashionable, stylish, and will look good on me. Help?

3. Learn to cook new things! This is one of my on-going resolutions. Foremost amongst things I want to try are steak, various soups, and desserts. Got any recipes?

4. Get better grades in grad school. This may be a bit challenging, as I got 3 A's, 1 A-, 1 B+, and 2 S's (aka, pass for my pass/fail courses). I suppose I could get all A's . . .

5. Be a kick-ass GSI for Genetics. :D This one will be intense, but it might be fun as well.

6. Rekindle some old friendships, maintain current ones, and make new friends (both online and in real life).

7. Not let med school consume or destroy me when I start in August.

8. Begin to explore a romantic relationship. Don't care too much if it leads to sex or not. I just want someone to cuddle with and talk to at night.

9. Make progress in coming out. A resolution in progress, this one is.

10. Live by my philosophy for the year: Whatever happens, bring on the day.

I suppose there is one more resolution . . . but it's not one I can do much about. I would like more Followers on my blog (points to the 3 current Followers in the sidebar to the right). I want some blog love. :P So if you read my blog regularly, please Follow it (especially if I'm following your blog, ::wink wink::).

Now, to look back to my 2008 resolutions. Hmm, it actually seems like I've met most of them to some degree. Go me!! I hope I can do the same (if not better) for 2009 as well. :D

I don't know why, but I'm in a rather happy and silly mood. For your entertainment, I've provided the following.
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Hamster on a Piano (Eating Popcorn)

Kevjumba - Girls are like m&m's



Anonymous said...

@#2; If I weren't half way around the world I could've helped you with the shopping. Unfortunately for my bank account I'm too good at it.

Stephen Chapman... said...

A fine list of resolutions - I may have to list some myself.

Anonymous said...

Explore romantic relationships. I have one thing to say to this...YES! DO IT! That is all...

mstpbound said...

i am TOTALLY with you on the lose weight thing, except i can't lose 20-25 lbs. i'm thinking between 7-10 lbs. sigh, the only time i lost 25 lbs, i was in high school. run every day for 45 minutes, NONSTOP, and eat only fruit (you can eat as much fruit as you want). I guarantee you'll lose weight like CRAZY and not even feel TOO hungry. (do expect to feel cold and sleepy all the time, tho, but this is where your new bf will kick in and help you with that!) :D :D

Aek said...

Anonymous: Awww, thanks. :P

Stephen: Thanks!!

James: Okay, but after I have a hot body and some nice clothes to go with that. XD

mstpbound: My friend told me about that diet. I have every confidence that it'd work, but I'm not sure how permanent it'd be for me (while I <3 <3 <3 fruits, I just can't eat it indefinitely) and I question it's healthy-ness. o.O But, more fruit and more running in my life probably isn't a bad thing.

TNC said...

In response to #2, it will take some time for you to define your own style. It's like trial and error, but I believe once you have a sense of your own style and image, you will gain more confidence and a better self image.

My advice is to check out different stores and try on threads you like. Play with sizing. Ask about the styles and sizes. Some threads may or may not look good on you. Eventually, you will learn what suits your style best and what you are most comfortable wearing. It should make you feel good about youself. Put some time and energy into it, and you'll give yourself a makeover.

Also, you will probably find certain designers or stores that fit your body type best and return to them over time for new threads.

I grew up with the expectation of leaving the house groomed and put together and continue to impose this standard on myself. My style has evolved over the years, but the image has been relatively consistent. Sometimes I have to try something new to see if it works and change things up a bit. It can be an enjoyable and fun experience.

Also, first impressions are very important in this world. If you are able to carry yourself well, then people's responses will be more positive.

Aek said...

TNC: Thanks for the suggestion, though I have a sort of aversion to shopping because I feel really indecisive when I shop. Plus, it feels like it's taking forever, haha.

Maybe I'll try something, when I have time. :P