Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Due to Scheduling Difficulties . . .

Argh, why's it so hard to coordinate schedules between even just 2 people?!

I chatted with Jay for a bit last night, causing me to go to bed about 45 minutes later than I had intended. But it was worth it. :-) Here's a small snippet of our convo:

Jay: I can't wait to meet you in person
Me: oh?
Jay: our conversations online have been great
Jay: I'll bet they'll be even better in person
Me: hehe, thanks
Me: I hope so
Jay: From what I've gathered from talking with you, you're an intellectual
Me: aww, thanks
Jay: intellectual company is always favorable, lol
Me: lol
Me: there's such a thing as too intellectual
Me: just hit me if that happens
Jay: oh no
Jay: it'll probably turn me on
Jay: my 2 heads are very connected
Me: hahaha
Me: that's good to know
Jay: The brain is the sexiest organ a man can have :P
Jay: everything else is just second
Me: hehe, intelligence is certainly a good thing to have in another person
Jay: it has made finding a suitable mate very difficult

We had made tentative plans to meet this Thursday afternoon. But now he's unsure because he may/may not have some appointment. :-/ Sigh, I guess this is what happens when trying to schedule between 2 people with busy lives. I really really hope we can work something out this Thursday afternoon, as otherwise I'll be consumed with studying for my exams all next week.

Even if things don't pull through for this Thursday, I'm confident that we'll keep trying until we finally meet. The above convo has only encouraged me to keep trying. *crosses fingers*


Biki said...

This is indeed very hopeful! He sounds like he thinks your interesting, and he likes smart, so you should have this in the bag! Just be hoping now for Thursday to happen! My fingers are crossed for you too!

Anonymous said...

Yes, too intellectual. Don't forget that the brain has it's limits, esp. the parts concerned with consciousness and control. Your body can do more things than think, and thinking too much can ruin some of those things.

I hope the meeting does happen! Got my fingers crossed. Got my legs crossed, too...oh wait, that's cause I have to pee... :P

Ryan said...

*CROSSING FINGERS* Good luck! It is so much fun to meet people in real life! Hats off to you and good luck!

Lots of love,

Jeremy said...

Good Luck!


naturgesetz said...

I hope the Thursday lunch happens. But if not, will you really be spending all your waking hours next week studying or attending to bodily needs and functions, with no possibility of displacing something so as to have extra time to spend at a meal one day?

Mike said...

See Mr. Intellectual, things are looking up! ;-)

Dave83201 said...

Yay Aek!

Sexually Confused said...

And you should keep trying. I mean, some day you will finally meet :) but, i would like to mention one more thing. Well, if you can go to the one date proparly, how the all other going out will be. You will be in relationship, but you will see each other once a week or even less

Ron said...

this sounds hopeful. good luck and please let us know how it goes...


. said...

Hey Aek, this Jay guy sounds like a really nice guy. I'm glad you are chatting and he's putting some effort into it. Or it sounds like he is. I wish you the best and please keep us posted on how it goes. Maybe you can get something to eat. Good luck with the exams next week. I know you will do quite fabulous!

E said...

"Jay: The brain is the sexiest organ a man can have :P
Jay: everything else is just second"

The brain might be the most important organ, but I can think of another that is a close second... the heart. *I, I think I just threw up in my mouth.*

Glad that you found another time to set a date. You're a soon to be hot doctor. Go with confidence; and in a cheesy anatomical/theatrical allusion, "fracture a fibula!"

Aek said...

Thanks everyone! It looks like it's going to work out for today. We're meeting in about 2 hours for coffee instead of lunch. Now, to figure out how to get there . . .