Monday, January 4, 2010

So We've Come This Far

Today was the first day of classes for this semester. We sure hit the ground running, lol. As I was talking to some old friends over the Winter Break, I found it kind of unbelievable how far we've come.

So over the Winter Break I met up with two old friends, JR-M and JS-M. I suppose for the purposes of this (and future) post I'll refer to them as John R and Jake S, respectively. I've known both of them since elementary school; John R was my next-door neighbor for at least half of my childhood and Jake S was a good friend throughout elementary school.

I first met John R for a really late lunch. We got caught up on each other's lives a bit. For a long time I considered him one of my best friends and definitely still one of my closest friends, though physical distances between us over the years has caused some drifting apart. He graduated last year with his B.A. in communications and film studies. He wants to get into the film industry and eventually become a director one day. Alas, in this economy work is hard to come by for him. So in the mean time he's going to this "film school" to learn more about being a cameraman and such things. I hope he catches a break and gets his foot in the door, because he's one of the most creative people I know and passionate at what he does. I've read and seen some of his stuff, and I think they're quite good.

He also updated me on one of his older brothers (he has 2), Tom R. So Tom R also graduated last year (I think) with his degree in public policy, and is currently working in some kind of social work with their mom. He doesn't really like it anymore, lol. He wants to get into public administration of some kind. He'll probably continue working for a couple years before going back to school for his Master's in some program.

The following day, I met Jake S for yet another late lunch. We had gone to the same elementary school and middle school, before I moved. Then we met up again briefly in high school. We ended up going to the same university for undergrad, though it was such a large place that we never got to hang out much - a little bit freshman year as he lived in the dorm across the street from mine. He's currently a first-year dental student back at my alma mater. He's looking to go into oral surgery or something. He also updated me on some other old friends from our hometown - several people are in med school or will be entering med school next year.

My dad commented how our little 4th grade soccer team has come quite far. Several of us had played soccer together in elementary school - Tom R, Jake S, others and me. A few of us are on the med school track, Jake S is on the dentistry track, and Tom R in public policy. It's pretty impressive I must say. We each arrived at our destinations through very different routes and at different times and places. One day I'll call these old friends my colleagues as well. We're growing up. ::shudders::
All this introspection has me wondering. I've come this far in blogging. This year my blog would turn 3. Woah, that's like the Methuselah of blogs! I mean, Courage of A Beautiful Addiction is leaving, Mirrorboy of Mirrorboy's Blog is leaving, and Jay of Sun in my Face is already gone without so much as a goodbye!!

So I wonder, now that I've come this far, how much farther is there to walk? How much longer will I be blogging? Do all blogs have a "shelf life" as it were? I wonder if mine's nearing its expiration date. And if so, what then? It's not as though I feel like I've made any critical contributes to the blogosphere, which is fine as it wasn't my original intention anyway. And it's not like many people would miss me (though there are a handful of you out there, I'm sure).

Food for thought. No plans of closing my blog as of yet. But I do wonder what direction (if any) I want to take this blog in 2010. And most other blogs as old as mine are already long gone. Hmmm.


Stephen Chapman... said...

Don't you do a blog as much for yourself as for others?

I like arranging my thoughts and ideas and sharing them with the world. I get a lot out of being creative in the blog. If few people read them, it's a bit disappointing, but it doesn't matter that much to me.

We all blog for different reasons I think.

Ron said...

yeah it's quite interesting to meet up with old friends that you haven't kept up with in a looong time, and find out what exactly they're up to these days.

you've blogged for quite a long time now, but that doesn't mean your expiration date is coming soon. Well, maybe it is but we can never tell what the future holds can we

take care


Dave83201 said...

I don't like this talk from you saying not many people would miss you. Are you kidding? Things wouldn't be the same without you!

Mike said...

I'd miss you. I blog for myself- I have lots to say as you know. I am always thinking something.

Anonymous said...

I think blogs generally (on average) have a short life span. I heard 1-2 years from someone, I don't know if that's true or has changed.


You HAVE come far! That is cool, being able to see all your friends more or less at the same place as you, too. I wish I could say the same...almost all my friends went off the deep end, or are working in dead end mediocre jobs still living with their parents.

I know life is hard, and things happen, but it would feel good to have some of my old friends at my level, as you do.

Anonymous said...

please stay, this is the only way I am ever going to get through medical school (vicariously that is)

Jacob said...

I'd miss you if your blog was gone.

R. Burnett Baker said...

You cannot stop! As you and I have discussed before, there's a book in your blog and you need to follow up with that!

The masks are hiding that book!!

Seth said...

Hey there's something to be said for longevity in Blog Land. It's sort of like gay relationships, the old joke about how 6 months is like 10 years in real time?


naturgesetz said...

Your blog is unique for the information you can give us about what it's like to be a pre-med, and now a med student.