Sunday, January 24, 2010

Postponed Yet Again

I just can't seem to catch a break!! :-(

I sent Jay a Facebook message yesterday morning, just to confirm that we were indeed meeting today at noon for lunch. I figure, it's probably best to double-check just to make sure that nothing changed last minute.

Well, at around 9:30pm last night, Jay replied saying that he forgot that he had to work this morning, and so lunch would have to be canceled. I'm glad I sent that message, because otherwise he might've forgotten to tell me until this morning . . . or worse, forgot to tell me at all and leaving me there to wait for him at noon. Though he did seem sorry and did mention that he would never have stood me up, so I assume he would've let me know beforehand at some point.

I guess last night this upset me more than I thought it would. Silly me getting my hopes up. In the meantime, the clock ticks and my curse can work its magic at any moment. I hope we're able to reschedule for the near future, as we both have pretty busy schedules.

Well, if this somehow works out, Biki pointed out something quite amusing: we would have an atypical cliche doctor-nurse dating relationship, lol (but only until he gets into med school and gets his MD as well).
On a completely unrelated note, the other night I was playing poker with some friends (and lost, as usual - I mean, I lost with 3 Kings, how does that happen?!) and we got talking about the nature of our med school class.

It seems that the "gunners" in our class don't operate in the open. The classical gunner studies at the library all the time, checks out all the books before anyone else can, finds and hoards info for him/herself, and aims to get one of the highest scores in the class. Not so in my class. The gunners in my class say they're going to go home to take a nap and unwind or something, but in reality they go home and study as the following day they know most of the material for that day already. Their secret to let no one know when they're studying, and so cast a false sense of security that doesn't cause others to go into a study frenzy.

We've aptly named these gunners "snipers." Our class is full of snipers.

I was pretty pleased when I got a 90% or so in anatomy overall last semester. However, the average was about 93%. And I was a good 5-10% below average in the other two classes (but still well above passing). FML.


Mike said...

Aaaaw... sorry to hear that the date won't happen. There's still the other guy, right?

A 90% average sounds REALLY high to me even if you weren't among the highest. It is still an A-/A. You are still passing. Keep your head up!

. said...

Hey Aek, sorry you didn't get a chance to meet up with the guy for lunch and conversation. Don't get discouraged. He still sounds like he has good intentions...if you were down here I'd enjoy being your friend. Hope you have a great week. Congrats on the great grades. Hope to chat with you online soon!!

Anonymous said...

Well, just wait up to see what happens. Delays can occur, we all have our busy lives. Don't despair!

E said...

So, my prolonged absence has me trying to become abreast of what's going on. Hmm, it seems you've met someone. Let me back track a bit on some of these posts to get the scoop!

I'm definitely one of those...what's the word, "Snipers"? Yes, I definitely fit in that mold. The appearance of someone relaxed and coasting, yet has a steady stream of answers and A's without much apparent effort.

Sexually Confused said...

Lol about snipers :P