Tuesday, January 12, 2010

It's a Long Day When

. . . you start daydreaming about sushi halfway into the first lecture of the day (out of five 1-hour lectures). And it just went downhill from there, lol.

In one of the breaks between lecture, I was talking to some fellow students and we unanimously agree: recess and nap time for med students. Seriously! Med school is rather like high school again, but please let us regress just a bit more so we can have recess and nap time, please? We'd be so much more effective and happy. :-)

I did learn something in neurobio today: effect of cannaboids (marijuana and such) = fat, dumb, and happy; calm, cool, and collected. I just found that really amusing. Actually, it's the receptors of the neuro-lipid 2-arachidonoglycerol (2-AG) that cannaboids act on. And I'm sure that last sentence meant nothing to most readers right now, so . . .

I skipped the cell & tissue bio (CTB) lab today, hoping to do it on my own time in my apartment since all the histology slides are online. But no, technology has to hate me. I'm unable to log in to my med school email as well as school-related site that requires my email name and password. The funny thing is, I save my passwords on my Firefox browser. So I went in there to make sure the password I was entering was correct. It was. AND IT STILL WOULD NOT LET ME SIGN ON.

I succumbed and just sent an email to the IT people to have my password reset so I could (hopefully) log on later tomorrow or the next day. Fortunately, I have all my med school emails forwarded to my gmail account.

In other news, "Online Guy" and I chatted a bit last night and now we're Facebook buddies, lol. He asked if I'm free this weekend to meet up for a drink. Details pending, hopes tentative.

Two things:

1. Thanks to everyone who read my last two posts and commented. Things got a bit heated I think, so I'd like to just leave those two posts alone for now and move on. I mean, my last post became so epically long! But it's not like it's going to substantially change the minds of people who're dead-set in their views.

2. Biki over at her advice blog, You Could Have It So Much Better, invited me to write a guest post. So read it here! :-P


Ron said...

lol about not being able to sign in, like i said -- sue the medical school , hahaha :D

and yeah even though I'm a med student as well, the 2-AG receptor thing meant nothing to me too. well -- i understood it, but i haven't gone through that stuff yet (we start neuro this coming year!).. but yeah i think i will like the lectures on pain meds. opioids. narcotics. cannabis.

and oh trust me, morphine = amazing. I was on it for 1 night post-op ICU, and the next day THEY TOOK ME OFF IT.

if i wasn't that weak i would've threatened the nurses and make them gimme my lovely morphine back


Just said...

I am all for recess and a nap for all of you .... doesn't that drive you crazy not being to get on with the right past word , have to say firefox is the worst for that ... not fortunate I have had my dealing with Epididymis I understood to much about your Biki post think you should of included that with that post ... point is ball aches get it check... not nothing to ignore... you can really only ignore it so long trust me .. you will find e.r. sooner or later..only doing damage . I so glad your going for drinks maybe turn into a reg thing ... ... ....Peace Lee

JGiefer said...

oh school, always in the way of things. it's tough being a student, haha.

Biki said...

Naps should be available to everyone! No, really! How can anyone perform when they are exhausted? It has been proven that a small nap can boost productivity.

Uncutplus said...

Biki, right on! As a sleep professional with some knowledge of circadian rhythms, we hit a nadir (low point) at 2:00pm during the day analogous to the 2:00am during our sleep period. Those in the know take a siesta at this time each day.

Dave83201 said...

Good luck with Online Guy! I wanna hear everything!

Aek said...

Ron: Oh you and your morphine. :-P

JGiefer: I know right?! Funnily enough, though we complained in grad school and undergrad, we thoroughly enjoyed what we were learning, how it was taught, and just the time of classes. Med school is weird - it's like they want to force feed you info that you don't always know why you're learning it, and it's a very outmoded system of teaching (I think). Hence, people taking nap time during lectures regardless.

Biki, Uncutplus: Yeah, if only there were a way to power nap efficiently.

Dave83201: Thanks! I'll update ya if/when it happens.

Jeremy said...

Daydreaming about Sushi >_<

I think daydreaming about sex would be a bigger problem :P

And that sucks about the not being able to sign in D:


Mike said...

Hope everything goes well with online guy!!!

I can't say I've ever daydreamed about sushi.