Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Assorted Thoughts

Some of which I've said aloud, others just chuckles in my own head. Just the random-ness that is my mind on a typical day.

1. While watching a fat squirrel (all squirrels are fat on campus as a direct result of students feeding them) run across the street, I exclaimed, "Look! It's an undulating squirrel!" The squirrel's body was bobbing up and down in a wave-like motion. You'll never think of squirrels the same again.

2. A thought to myself as I crossed the street with my cello on my back and an approaching car, "What did the cellist say to himself as he crossed the road? 'Please don't hit me, I'm as slow as a turtle right now.' "

3. While trying to get trio members to take the path with fewest stairs, "Can we take those stairs? They're cello accessible and friendly."

4. Nutella is amazing. Simply amazing. I should get some more . . .

5. I didn't like the bottle of beer I took from the Human Genetics picnic. So I used it to cook some pork chops. In that, it was a success. It gave the meat a slight bite, almost spicy flavor.

6. I always make too much dessert for myself. I tend to recruit others to help me eat it so I don't get fat off it. Also why I seldom make dessert.

7. I cleaned the apartment while all my roommates were gone for the weekend. It felt SO good to walk into an apartment I knew was clean.

8. This one's a bit long. I privately gave a girl in one of the genetics study groups I lead some personal one-on-one help. I hope she did well on her exam today. I saw scars on her left hand. They were too straight to be a scrap or something, so it was pretty clear she was (hopefully not still is) a cutter. Anyway, she had offered to pay me for my time helping her. I refused, but said I'd accept lunch or dinner. We settled for coffee. The coffee wasn't very good, so when I got back to my apartment I added cinnamon, vanilla extract, and nutella to it. That didn't work so well. Now I know.

9. It's not very fun measuring the thickness of the stria vascularis. Especially on a TEM (transmission electron microscope) image that's all in black and white. And I still don't know why my PCRs aren't working . . . I also came to the sudden realization today that there's no way I can finish my research project before I leave in 2-3 weeks. Sigh.

10. I finished my arrangement of Tetris for violin, viola, cello, and piano! It has Themes A, B, C, and the Game Over Theme. It sounds great, but it's a pain in the ass to separate the parts from the score. But anyway, such happy music (although I think it's in a minor key).

11. It's amazing how much Chinese I've forgotten so quickly. I need to go back to my old textbooks and refresh myself on those characters. And I had been making good progress during the academic year . . .

12. I've made peace with my solitude and loneliness. For now. Come August/September, new school year, potentially new place, and certainly new people. Let a new beginning come.

13. Since I brought Xenocide to work I keep forgetting to take it home with me. Whenever I want to read it I suddenly remember I left it in lab. Grrr.

14. Everyone falls. The important thing is getting back up.

There've been a lot of new blogs lately (and some older ones I've come across). I've only skimmed and browsed a few, and there are certain several that I want to read fully. So I have my work cut out for me as I read these blogs from beginning to their most recent post before I add them to my blog roll. That said, I also have to reorganize my blog roll as many of the blogs haven't been active in quite some time (blog more bloggers!!). I may need to create a new category or something.

Okay, enough random-ness for tonight. This post served utterly no purpose other than to provide nominal amusement (maybe, hopefully).

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Zee said...

Impressive you managed to go off on a tangent while listing random thoughts.